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secondary education transcriptsEducation CodeCalifornia Laws
student records chargeEducation CodeCalifornia Laws
records studentEducation CodeCalifornia Laws
tx. occ. code 103.002Occupation CodeTexas Laws
tx. occ. code 1003.002Alcoholic Beverage CodeTexas Laws
long term substituteEducation CodeCalifornia Laws
title 7 sec. 521.161Transportation CodeTexas Laws
section 521.161Transportation CodeTexas Laws
texas family code section 162.002 subchapter bFamily CodeTexas Laws
attempted burglaryGovernment CodeTexas Laws
commercial licenseTransportation CodeTexas Laws
larceny 4thTitle 53a Penal CodeConnecticut Laws
blue lightsTransportation CodeTexas Laws
"restriction on lights"Transportation CodeTexas Laws
restriction on lightsTransportation CodeTexas Laws
1017 (a)Penal CodeCalifornia Laws
66.002 ticketPenal CodeTexas Laws
ch. 268Education CodeTexas Laws
acts 1993Education CodeTexas Laws
acts 1993, 73rd leg., ch. 268, sec. 1, eff. sept. 1, 1993.Education CodeTexas Laws
h&s 1797.188Health and Safety CodeCalifornia Laws
lafco hearingBusiness Procedure CodeCalifornia Laws
fire drillEducation CodeTexas Laws
special assessment voteProperty CodeTexas Laws
special assessmentProperty CodeTexas Laws
traficking of a childGovernment CodeTexas Laws
chris attigAlcoholic Beverage CodeTexas Laws
no formal written proof - but documented proofLabor CodeTexas Laws
false statementTitle 53a Penal CodeConnecticut Laws
boa constrictorHealth & Safety CodeTexas Laws
school boar candidate rulesEducation CodeTexas Laws
section 504.308Transportation CodeTexas Laws
section 502.315Transportation CodeTexas Laws
section 502Transportation CodeTexas Laws
section 14-1Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use Of The Highway By Vehicles. GasolineConnecticut Laws
authority for a traffic stopTransportation CodeTexas Laws
traffic stop authorityTransportation CodeTexas Laws
parental rights termination custodyFamily CodeCalifornia Laws
code 2269Local Government CodeTexas Laws
29800 division 9 of title 4 of part 6Penal CodeCalifornia Laws
required training telecommunicatorOccupation CodeTexas Laws
required trainingOccupation CodeTexas Laws
education code section 25.093Alcoholic Beverage CodeTexas Laws
contract manager at riskLocal Government CodeTexas Laws
arrested class b misdemeanor theft while currently teachingEducation CodeTexas Laws
truancy elementary schoolAlcoholic Beverage CodeTexas Laws
resale certificate, home owners associationTitle 25 PropertyDelaware Laws
driving while license invalidAlcoholic Beverage CodeTexas Laws
out of controlVernons Civil StatutesTexas Laws
mandatory fraud reportingInsurance CodeTexas Laws

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