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California Laws | Revenue and Taxation Code

30445. If at the expiration of 20 days after the petition has been personally served, mailed or published there is no answer on file, the court shall within 30 days thereafter receive evidence in support of the seizure and forfeiture and shall, upon being satisfied of the validity thereof, enter judgment confirming the seizure and forfeiture. (23980)

30446. If a timely answer has been filed, the proceeding shall be set for hearing on a day within 30 days after the expiration of the period for filing of an answer. Notice of the hearing shall be given by the clerk of the court to each person filing an answer. (23981)

30447. At the time set for the hearing any person having a timely answer on file may offer evidence to establish that the seizure and forfeiture of the property was erroneous or illegal. (23982)

30448. The court shall determine whether the seizure of the property was in accordance with law and enter an appropriate order for the disposition of the property. (23983)

30449. (a) Except as provided in subdivision (b), (c), or (d), any property, except money, forfeited to the state under this chapter shall be sold by the board at public auction. Notice of the sale shall be given by posting a written notice of the time and place of sale in three public places in the county where the property is to be sold for not less than five days nor more than 10 days before the sale. If the board is unable to sell any property forfeited to the state under this part or, if the board determines that the property is unsalable, it may destroy that property. (23984)

(b) Any property forfeited to the state pursuant to subdivision (e) of Section 30436 shall be destroyed. (23985)

(c) Any cigarettes forfeited to the state pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 30436 shall be destroyed. (23986)

(d) Any cigarettes or tobacco products forfeited to the state pursuant to Division 8.6 (commencing with Section 22970) of the Business and Professions Code shall be destroyed. (23987)

(e) A record shall be kept of all property destroyed pursuant to this section showing the nature of the property, the quantity, the reason for, and the manner of destruction. The proceeds of the sale and any money forfeited to the state shall be deposited in the State Treasury to the credit of the General Fund. (23988)


Article 1. Administration (30451-30456) (23990)(Text)

30451. The board shall enforce the provisions of this part and may prescribe, adopt, and enforce rules and regulations relating to the administration and enforcement of this part. The board may prescribe the extent to which any ruling or regulation shall be applied without retroactive effect. (23991)

30452. The board may employ accountants, auditors, investigators, assistants, and clerks necessary for the efficient administration of this part and may designate representatives to conduct hearings, or perform any other duties imposed by this part or other laws of this State upon the board. (23992)

30453. Every distributor and every person dealing in, transporting, or storing cigarettes or tobacco products in this state shall keep such records, receipts, invoices, and other pertinent papers with respect thereto in such form as the board may require. (23993)

30454. The board or its authorized representative may make such examinations of the books, papers, records, and equipment of any person dealing in, transporting, or storing cigarettes or tobacco products and such other investigations as it may deem necessary in carrying out the provisions of this part. (23994)

In addition to any other reports required under this part, the board may, by rule or otherwise, require additional, other, or supplemental reports from licensed distributors, dealers, transporters, common and private carriers, warehousemen, bailees, and other persons, including reports of shipments of cigarettes or tobacco products from a point outside this state to a point within this state, and prescribe the form, including verification, of the information to be given on, and the times for filing of, such additional, other, or supplemental reports. (23995)

30455. It is unlawful for the board or any person having an administrative duty under this part to make known in any manner whatever the business affairs, operations, or information obtained by an investigation of records and equipment of any person visited or examined in the discharge of official duty, or the amount or source of income, profits, losses, expenditures, or any particular thereof, set forth or disclosed in any report, or to permit any report or copy thereof or any book containing any abstract or particulars thereof to be seen or examined by any person. However, the Governor may, by general or special order, authorize examination of the records maintained by the board under this part by other state officers, by tax officers of another state, by the federal government, if a reciprocal arrangement exists, or by any other person. (23996)

Successors, receivers, trustees, executors, administrators, assignees, and guarantors, if directly interested, may be given information as to the items included in the measure and amounts of any unpaid tax or amounts of tax required to be collected, interest, and penalties. (23997)

Nothing in this section shall prevent the board from exchanging with officials of other states information concerning interstate shipments of cigarettes or tobacco products. (23998)

Any violation of this section is a misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), by imprisonment not exceeding one year, or by both, in the discretion of the court. (23999)

30455.5. (a) Except as otherwise provided by law, any person who is engaged in the business of preparing, or providing services in connection with the preparation of, returns under Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 30181) of this part, or any person who for compensation prepares any such return for any other person, and who knowingly or recklessly does either of the following, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) or imprisoned no more than one year, or both, together with the costs of prosecution: (24000)

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