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California Laws | Revenue and Taxation Code

32414. If the board fails to mail notice of action on a claim within six months after the claim is filed, the claimant may, prior to the mailing of notice by the board, consider the claim disallowed and bring an action against the board on the grounds set forth in the claim for the recovery of the whole or any part of the amount claimed as an overpayment. (24544)

32415. Failure to bring suit or action within the time specified in this article constitutes a waiver of all demands against the State on account of any alleged overpayments. (24545)

32416. If judgment is rendered for the plaintiff, the amount of the judgment shall first be credited on any taxes due from the plaintiff, and the balance shall be refunded to the plaintiff. (24546)

32417. In any judgment, interest shall be allowed at the modified adjusted rate per annum established pursuant to Section 6591.5, upon the amount found to have been illegally collected from the date of payment of the amount to the date of allowance of credit on account of the judgment or to a date preceding the date of the refund warrant by not more than 30 days, the date to be determined by the board. (24547)

32418. A judgment shall not be rendered in favor of the plaintiff in any action brought against the board to recover any tax paid when the action is brought by or in the name of an assignee of the taxpayer paying the tax or by any person other than the person who has paid the tax. (24548)

Article 3. Recovery of Erroneous Refunds (32431-32433) (24549)(Text)

32431. (a) The Controller may recover any refund or part thereof that is erroneously made, and any credit or part thereof that is erroneously allowed, in an action brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in the County of Sacramento in the name of the people of the State of California. (24550)

(b) As an alternative to subdivision (a), the board may recover any refund or part thereof that is erroneously made, and any credit or part thereof that is erroneously allowed. In recovering any erroneous refund or credit, the board may, in its discretion, issue a deficiency determination in accordance with Article 2 (commencing with Section 32271) or Article 5 (commencing with Section 32311) of Chapter 6. Except in the case of fraud, the deficiency determination shall be made by the board within three years from the date of the Controller's warrant or date of credit. (24551)

32432. In any action brought pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 32431, the court may, with the consent of the Attorney General, order a change in the place of trial. (24552)

32432. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this part, if the board finds that neither the person liable for payment of tax nor any party related to that person has in any way caused an erroneous refund for which an action for recovery is provided under Section 32431, no interest shall be imposed on the amount of that erroneous refund until 30 days after the date on which the board mails a notice of determination for repayment of the erroneous refund to the person. The act of filing a claim for refund shall not be considered as causing the erroneous refund. (24553)

(b) This section shall be operative for any action for recovery under Section 32431 on or after January 1, 2000. (24554)

32433. The Attorney General shall prosecute any action brought pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 32431, and the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure relating to service of summons, pleadings, proof, trials, and appeals shall apply to the proceedings. (24555)

Article 4. Cancellations (32440) (24556)(Text)

32440. If any amount has been illegally determined, either by the person filing the return or by the board, the board shall certify the amount determined to be in excess of the amount legally due and the person against whom the determination was made, and shall authorize the cancellation of the amount upon the records of the board. Any proposed cancellation by the board pursuant to this section with respect to an amount in excess of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) shall be available as a public record for at least 10 days prior to the effective date of that determination. (24557)


Article 1. Administration (32451-32457) (24559)(Text)

32451. The board shall enforce the provisions of this part and may prescribe, adopt, and enforce rules and regulations relating to the administration and enforcement of this part. (24560)

32452. In addition to any other reports required under this part, the board may, by rule and otherwise, require additional, other, or supplemental reports from alcoholic beverage licensees, common and private carriers, and other persons and prescribe the form, including verification, of the information to be given on, and the times for filing of, such additional, other, or supplemental reports. The failure or refusal of any person to render the reports required under this section is a misdemeanor. (24561)

32452.1. For all purposes of this part, when records are maintained in liters the equivalent measure in wine gallons shall be determined by multiplying total liters by a conversion factor of 0.26417 for wine, and by a conversion factor of 0.264172 for distilled spirits. (24562)

32453. The board may make such examinations of the books and records of any person selling, manufacturing, warehousing, or transporting alcoholic beverages as it may deem necessary in carrying out the provisions of this part. (24563)

32454. The board may employ accountants, auditors, investigators and other expert and clerical assistance necessary to enforce its powers and perform its duties under this part. (24564)

32455. It is unlawful for the board or any person having an administrative position under this part to make known in any manner whatever any information set forth or disclosed in any report from any winegrower pursuant to this part regarding the names of the purchasers and the amounts of individual sales of wines which the winegrower has exported from this state, or to permit the portion of any report or copy thereof which contains such information to be seen or examined by any person. This section does not prohibit the publication by the board of any winegrower's total receipts from the export of wines from this state. (24565)

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