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California Laws | Revenue and Taxation Code

45305. The order or decision of the board upon a petition for redetermination shall become final 30 days after service upon the petitioner of notice thereof. (26784)

45306. All amounts determined to be due by the board under Article 2 (commencing with Section 45201) are due and payable at the time they become final, and, if not paid when due and payable, a penalty of 10 percent of the amount determined to be due shall be added to the amount due and payable. (26785)

45307. Any notice required by this article shall be served personally or by mail in the same manner as prescribed for service of notice by Section 43201. (26786)

Article 4. Jeopardy Determinations (45351-45353) (26787)(Text)

45351. If the board finds and determines that the collection of any amount of fee will be jeopardized by delay, it shall thereupon make a determination of the amount of fee due, noting that fact upon the determination, and the amount of the fee shall be immediately due and payable. If the amount of the fee, interest, and penalty specified in the jeopardy determination is not paid, or a petition for redetermination is not filed, within 10 days after the service upon the taxpayer of notice of the determination, the determination becomes final, and the delinquency penalty and interest provided in Section 45153 shall attach to the amount of fee specified therein. (26788)

45352. The fee payer against whom a jeopardy determination is made may file a petition for the redetermination thereof, pursuant to Article 3 (commencing with Section 45301), with the board within 10 days after the service upon the fee payer of notice of the determination, and he or she shall, within the 10-day period, deposit with the board that security which the board deems necessary to insure compliance with this part. The security may be sold by the board at public sale if it becomes necessary in order to recover any amount due under this part. Notice of the sale may be served upon the person who deposited the security personally or by mail in the same manner as prescribed for service of notice by Section 45201. After that sale, the surplus, if any, above the amount due under this part shall be returned to the person who deposited the security. (26789)

45353. In accordance with rules and regulations which the board may adopt, the person against whom a jeopardy determination is made may apply for an administrative hearing for one or more of the following purposes: (26790)

(a) To establish that the determination is excessive. (26791)

(b) To establish that the sale of property that may be seized after issuance of the jeopardy determination, or any part thereof, shall be delayed pending the administrative hearing because the sale would result in irreparable injury to the person. (26792)

(c) To request the release of all or part of the property to the person. (26793)

(d) To request a stay of collection activities. (26794)

The application shall be filed within 30 days after service of the notice of jeopardy determination and shall be in writing and state the specific factual and legal grounds upon which it is founded. The person shall not be required to post any security in order to file the application and to obtain the hearing. However, if the person does not deposit, within the 10-day period prescribed in Section 45352, that security which the board deems necessary to ensure compliance with this part, the filing of the application shall not operate as a stay of collection activities, except for sale of property seized after issuance of the jeopardy determination. Upon a showing of good cause for failure to file a timely application for an administrative hearing, the board may allow a filing of the application and grant the person an administrative hearing. The filing of an application pursuant to this section does not affect Section 45351, relating to the finality date of the determination or to penalty or interest. (26795)


Article 1. Suit for Fee (45401-45402) (26797)(Text)

45401. The board may bring any legal action necessary to collect any deficiency in the fee required to be paid, and, upon the board's request, the Attorney General shall bring the action. (26798)

45402. In any action brought to enforce the rights of the state with respect to any fee, a certificate by the board showing the delinquency shall be prima facie evidence of the levy of the fee, of the delinquency of the amount of fee, interest, and penalty set forth therein, and of compliance by the board with this part in relation to the computation and levy of the fee. In that action, a writ of attachment may be issued in the manner provided by Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 485.010) of Title 6.5 of Part 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure. (26799)

Article 2. Judgment for Fee (45451-45452) (26800)(Text)

45451. (a) If any person fails to pay any amount imposed pursuant to this part at the time that it becomes due and payable, the amount thereof, including penalties and interest, together with any costs in addition thereto, shall thereupon be a perfected and enforceable state tax lien. A lien is subject to Chapter 14 (commencing with Section 7150) of Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code. (26801)

(b) For the purpose of this section, amounts are due and payable on the following dates: (26802)

(1) For amounts disclosed on a report received by the board before the date the return is delinquent, the date the amount would have been due and payable. (26803)

(2) For amounts disclosed on a report filed on or after the date the return is delinquent, the date the return is received by the board or the year following the fee due date pursuant to Section 45151, whichever is later. (26804)

(3) For amounts determined under Section 45351, pertaining to jeopardy assessments, the date the notice of the board's finding is mailed or issued. (26805)

(4) For all other amounts, the date the assessment is final. (26806)

45452. (a) If the board determines that the amount of any fee, interest, and penalties are sufficiently secured by a lien on other property or that the release or subordination of the lien imposed under this article will not jeopardize the collection of the amount of the fee, interest, and penalties, the board may at any time release all or any portion of the property subject to the lien from the lien or may subordinate the lien to other liens and encumbrances. (26807)

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