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California Laws | Revenue and Taxation Code

60161. (a) Every person before becoming a qualified highway vehicle operator shall apply to the board for a license authorizing the person to engage in business as a qualified highway vehicle operator. A license shall be issued only to a person who is qualified to use dyed diesel fuel on the highway by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 48.4082-4 of Title 26 of the Code of Federal Regulations. (28576)

(b) If the person is already licensed as an exempt bus operator, government entity, or interstate user, the person does not need a separate qualified highway vehicle operator's license. (28577)

60162. Applications shall be made on forms prescribed, prepared, and furnished by the board. (28578)

60163. Before granting a license authorizing a person to report the backup tax as a qualified highway vehicle operator, the board may require the person to file with the board security pursuant to Section 60401. The license issued to any qualified highway vehicle operator is not transferable and is valid until canceled or revoked. (28579)

Article 5. Denial of License (60171-60173) (28580)(Text)

60171. The board may refuse to issue any license in either of the following circumstances: (28581)

(a) If the application therefor is filed by an applicant who formerly held any license under this part that, prior to the time of filing the application, has been revoked for cause by the board. (28582)

(b) If the board determines that the application therefor is not filed in good faith or made by the real person in interest. (28583)

60172. Prior to refusal specified in Section 60171, the board shall grant the applicant a hearing and shall give him or her at least 10 days' written notice of the time and place thereof. (28584)

60173. The notice specified in Section 60172 shall be addressed to the applicant at his or her address as it appears in the records of the board, and shall be given in the manner prescribed in Section 60311 for giving notice of a deficiency determination. (28585)

Article 6. Revocation of License (60180-60186) (28586)(Text)

60180. The board may revoke the license of any person who refuses or neglects to comply with any provision of this part or any rule or regulation of the board prescribed and adopted under this part. (28587)

60181. The board may revoke any of the following licenses: (28588)

(a) Any supplier's license held by a person who does not engage in, or who discontinues, the removal, entry, or sale of diesel fuel, producing of blended diesel fuel, owning or holding inventory position of diesel fuel, or owning or operating a refinery or terminal as any of the following: (28589)

(1) A blender, as defined in Section 60012. (28590)

(2) An enterer, as defined in Section 60013. (28591)

(3) A positionholder, as defined in Section 60010. (28592)

(4) A refiner, as defined in Section 60011. (28593)

(5) A terminal operator, as defined in Section 60009. (28594)

(6) A throughputter, as defined in Section 60035. (28595)

(b) Any interstate user's license held by a person who does not engage in, or who discontinues, using diesel fuel as an "interstate user" as defined in Section 60111. (28596)

(c) Any ultimate vendor's license held by a person who does not engage in, or who discontinues, selling undyed diesel fuel as an "ultimate vendor" as defined in Section 60036. (28597)

(d) Any exempt bus operator's license held by a person who does not engage in, or who discontinues, using diesel fuel as an "exempt bus operator" as defined in Section 60040. (28598)

(e) Any qualified highway vehicle operator's license held by a person who does not engage in, or who discontinues, the delivery of diesel fuel subject to the backup tax into fuel tanks of diesel-powered highway vehicles as a qualified highway vehicle operator as defined in Section 60027. (28599)

(f) Any government entity's license held by a government entity that does not engage in, or that discontinues using diesel fuel in, the operation of a diesel-powered highway vehicle upon the state's highways. (28600)

60182. Prior to revoking any license, the board shall notify the licensee to show cause, within 10 days after the notice is given, why his or her license should not be revoked. The notice shall be given in the manner prescribed in Section 60311 for giving notice of a deficiency determination. (28601)

60183. The board may cancel any license issued under this part immediately upon surrender thereof, but before revoking a license, the board shall allow the person an opportunity to show cause as provided in Section 60182. (28602)

60184. Upon revocation or cancellation of the license of the person or his or her cessation of business, all diesel fuel remaining in his or her possession or ownership shall be deemed removed, entered, sold, delivered, or used and subject to jeopardy determination as provided in Section 60330 if, in the judgment of the board, it is necessary to ensure payment of the tax with respect to the removal, entry, sale, delivery, or use of the diesel fuel. (28603)

60185. Subsequent to the revocation of the license of a person, the board shall reinstate the permit when the person pays the amount of tax determined, together with interest and penalties, fully complies with this part, and pays a fee of fifty dollars ($50) to the board for reinstatement. The fee shall not be subject to refund except as provided in Section 60521. (28604)

60186. It is unlawful for any person to operate in this state after a license has been revoked. (28605)

Article 7. Licensing of Locations (60190) (28606)(Text)

60190. Every person required to be licensed by the board shall provide the board with the names and addresses of all agents operating in this state, the location of all offices or other places of business in this state, and any other information as the board may require. (28607)


Article 1. Returns and Payments (60201-60212) (28609)(Text)

60201. Each supplier shall prepare and file with the board a return in the form as prescribed by the board, which may include, but not be limited to, electronic media showing the total number of gallons of diesel fuel removed, entered, or sold by him or her within this state during each calendar month, or the monthly period ended during that calendar month as the board may authorize, the amount of tax due for the month covered by the return, and any other information as the board deems necessary for the proper administration of this part. The person shall file the return on or before the last day of the calendar month following the monthly period to which it relates, together with a remittance payable to the board for the amount of tax due for that period, less whatever amounts may have been paid theretofore for the same period because of weekly returns. To facilitate the administration of this part, the board may require the filing of the returns for other than monthly periods. Returns shall be authenticated in a form or pursuant to methods as may be prescribed by the board. (28610)

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