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California Laws | Revenue and Taxation Code

4714. Taxing agencies for which the county levies and collects taxes but for which the county treasury is not the legal depositary may be limited in their withdrawals from the county treasury to amounts proportionate with actual tax collections by the county within their taxing areas. (5908)

4715. This chapter shall have no application to tax levies made by counties on behalf of public districts for which the county treasury is not the legal depositary unless agreed to by a resolution of the governing board of the public district and the board of supervisors of the county, adopted in accordance with Section 4702 for the fiscal year in which this procedure is to apply to that public district. (5909)

4716. There shall, notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, be distributed to each fund not less than the amount which must under the Constitution be distributed thereto. (5910)

4717. If a tax payment which is insufficient to cover the amount of taxes due and payable is received by the tax collector of a county that has elected to follow the procedure authorized by this chapter, the tax collector shall place the tax payment in a trust fund and immediately notify the taxpayer of the deficiency. (5911)

In the case of a deficiency in the payment of secured taxes, the taxpayer may pay the balance due until the date on which the property becomes tax defaulted by operation of law. If payment of the balance due is not received on or before that date, the insufficient payment shall be returned to the taxpayer, and shall become tax defaulted in the usual manner as provided in this code. (5912)

In the case of a deficiency in the payment of unsecured taxes, the taxpayer may pay the balance due within six months after the date of the insufficient payment. If payment of the balance due is not made within that time, the tax collector or other officer collecting unsecured taxes shall credit the amount of the insufficient payment on the unsecured roll. (5913)

If payment of the balance due is made within the time specified in this section, any delinquent penalty which attaches by operation of law shall be computed only upon the additional amount required to bring the payment to a nondelinquent status. (5914)

The county auditor shall make the necessary adjustments in the tax rolls and in the tax and penalty charges. (5915)

The tax collector may accept payments which are within ten dollars ($10) of the tax due as payment in full. The auditor or controller shall prescribe methods for accounting and adjusting their accounts in this matter. (5916)

The provisions of this section shall become effective in any county when authorized by resolution adopted by majority vote of the board of supervisors of the county. (5917)


CHAPTER 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS (4801-4808) (5919)(Text)

4801. As used in this part, "taxes" includes assessments collected at the same time and in the same manner as county taxes. (5920)

4802. As used in this part, "district attorney" means the civil legal adviser of the board of supervisors. (5921)

4804. The board of supervisors of any county may, by resolution, authorize the county administrative officer, or the county legal advisor, or the county auditor, or any other county officer, or a specified group of any county officers acting as a committee, to perform in its behalf any act required or authorized to be performed by the board of supervisors under this part, if such act is not imposed upon the board of supervisors by the Constitution. (5922)

The resolution may, at the request of the county legal advisor, provide for a waiver of the requirement for the written consent of the county legal advisor in any act performed under the provisions of this section. (5923)

The resolution shall enumerate those sections or subdivisions, or those portions of sections or subdivisions, to which the authorization is to apply, and shall specify administrative rules and procedures concerning any act performed under the authorization. (5924)

The resolution shall require that the county auditor record each act performed under the authorization. (5925)

The resolution may provide for review by the board of supervisors of any act performed under the authorization, or for periodic reports to the board of supervisors of any or all acts performed under the authorization, or both. (5926)

4806. No refund shall be made under Chapter 5 of this part, nor shall any action be hereafter commenced nor shall any action heretofore commenced be further prosecuted for the recovery, of any tax voluntarily paid which was levied prior to January 1, 1939, claimed to be erroneous or illegal, by reason of errors, omissions or illegalities in preparing, transmitting, computing, determining or fixing the budget or the tax rate or rates of any county, city and county, school district, municipal corporation or other public corporation, or political subdivision, in any case in which the taxes collected from such erroneous or illegal levy have been applied in the next or any succeeding fiscal year to reduce the tax levy for such year, or have been expended, appropriated, or applied for a public purpose. (5927)

For the purposes of this section, the mere payment of a tax under protest shall not be deemed to constitute such payment an involuntary payment. (5928)

4807. No injunction or writ of mandate or other legal or equitable process shall issue in any suit, action, or proceeding in any court against any county, municipality, or district, or any officer thereof, to prevent or enjoin the collection of property taxes sought to be collected. In the case of a collection of taxes pursuant to a bankruptcy proceeding, the county may request a reasonable amount of attorney's fees. (5929)

4808. Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, any taxpayer may, no later than 30 days after the delinquency date of a property tax bill or any installment thereof, seek declaratory relief in the superior court in the county in which the property is located alleging that the locally assessed property taxes have been illegally or unconstitutionally assessed or collected or are to be so assessed or collected. (5930)

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