Connecticut Laws - Title 13b Transportation
Sec. 13b-79b. Reports concerning the Special Transportation Fund.

Sec. 13b-79b. Reports concerning the Special Transportation Fund. (746)(1-click HTML)

The Commissioner of Transportation shall prepare a report not later than October 1, 1984, and annually thereafter, with respect to the Special Transportation Fund established under section 13b-68. Each such report shall, for the preceding twelve-month period, (1) specify the moneys credited to such fund on account of, or derived from, each source of state and federal revenue, (2) specify the amount of investment earnings from the fund, (3) specify the moneys from such fund applied and expended for (A) the payment of debt service requirements, as defined in section 13b-75, (B) the payment of the principal of and interest on general obligation bonds of the state issued for transportation purposes, as defined in section 13b-69, and (C) each budgeted account under the annual budget appropriation made to the Department of Transportation, (4) specify the number of lane miles of state and local roadway repaved, the status of the state and local bridge programs, the status of intrastate and interstate highway programs and the interstate trade-in program and mass transportation and aeronautics programs and (5) specify the amount of all expenditures from the Special Transportation Fund for the purchase of highway related equipment. The commissioner shall notify the joint standing committees of the General Assembly having cognizance of matters relating to finance, revenue and bonding, transportation and appropriations and the budgets of state agencies of the availability of the report. A requesting member of such a committee shall be sent a written copy or electronic storage media of the report by the commissioner. (747)


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