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Connecticut Laws | Title 13b Transportation
Sec. 13b-38dd. Zero-emissions buses implementation plan. Collaborative efforts re hydrogen fuel and renewable energy sources strategies. Hydrogen refueling stations. Funding plans.

(b) Said plan shall be completed and submitted to the joint standing committees of the General Assembly having cognizance of matters relating to energy, environment and transportation not later than December 31, 2010, subject to the availability of study funds from readily available and already appropriated sources of funding. (312)

(c) Such hydrogen refueling stations identified in the plan shall provide fuel for zero emissions vehicles at appropriate pressures and volumes identified by Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. The study shall consider technologies for generating hydrogen which will use products principally manufactured and assembled in the state. (313)

(d) The plan shall also examine appropriate available funding from the state or federal government for purchasing zero-emissions buses and constructing any recommended hydrogen fueling facilities from funds designated for the purpose of encouraging clean fuel or alternative fuel use. Any funding plans developed within the study for the establishment of zero-emissions bus fleets and hydrogen refueling corridors or centralized fueling facilities shall be provided in a manner to encourage federal and private cost sharing. (314)


Sec. 13b-39a. Registration of aircraft. (316)(Text)

(a) The Commissioner of Transportation shall establish a program of registration for all aircraft in the state, in accordance with which the owner of any aircraft, as defined in subdivision (5) of section 15-34, which is based or primarily used at any airport facility, heliport, air navigation facility, restricted landing area or seaplane base in a municipality within this state shall, not later than October 1, 1993, and annually thereafter, be required to register with the municipality in which such aircraft is based or primarily used, by filing an application form, or renewal thereof, and paying the appropriate registration fee, as provided for in section 12-71, this section and section 13b-39b. The owner of any aircraft which is based or primarily used at any such air navigation facility or restricted landing area in this state shall register such aircraft not later than July 1, 1994, and annually thereafter not later than the first of October. Any aircraft shall be deemed to be based or primarily used in a municipality when in the normal course of its use, it leaves from and returns to or remains at one or more points within the municipality more often or longer than at any other single location outside of the municipality. (317)

(b) The Commissioner of Transportation, subject to the provisions of chapter 54, shall adopt such regulations as deemed necessary by said commissioner to implement the provisions of section 12-71, this section and sections 13b-39b to 13b-39h, inclusive. (318)

Sec. 13b-39b. Aircraft registration forms and decals. (319)(Text)

The Department of Transportation shall prepare and distribute to each municipality in which aircraft are based or primarily used forms and decals for the registration of aircraft and the renewal of such registrations. The registration forms shall contain such information as the Commissioner of Transportation may prescribe, including, but not limited to, information concerning (1) the form and identity of ownership, including information as to whether such ownership is by an individual, partnership, corporation or other entity, (2) the type of aircraft, including the year of manufacture, the manufacturer, the model and the certified gross weight, (3) the Federal Aviation Certificate number and (4) the location at which such aircraft is based or primarily used in this state. Each municipality shall designate a municipal registration official who may be an official or employee of the municipality or of any airport facility, heliport or seaplane base located within the municipality, to perform the duties of registration of aircraft as set forth in sections 13b-39a to 13b-39h, inclusive, and shall furnish, in writing, the name, address and telephone number of each such official. The municipality shall immediately notify the commissioner upon any changes relative to the municipal registration official. (320)

Sec. 13b-39c. Display of registration decal. Certificate of registration. (321)(Text)

Upon receipt of the signed and certified registration form required and the requisite fee, as provided for in section 13b-39d, the municipal registration official shall assign a registration number and provide the owner with a registration decal and certificate of registration. Such registration decal shall be displayed on the right side of the aircraft tail below the horizontal stabilizer. The number shall be maintained in a legible condition and shall be clearly visible and entirely unobscured. The certificate shall state the name of the owner, his address, a description of the aircraft, the expiration date of the certificate and such other information as the commissioner may prescribe by regulation. Such certificate shall be carried aboard the aircraft and shall be available for inspection upon the aircraft for which it is issued whenever the owner or any person authorized by him is aboard such aircraft. (322)

Sec. 13b-39d. Registration fee. (323)(Text)

The owner shall pay a fee to the municipal registration official for each aircraft so numbered or registered in accordance with the following schedule: (324)

Gross Weight (lbs.)Fee Less than 3,000$     90.00     3,001 −   4,500     250.00     4,501 −   8,000     700.00     8,001 − 12,500  1,500.00   12,501 and over  2,500.00 ***ENDTABLE*** (325)

Aircraft manufactured before 1946 shall pay the lesser of one hundred dollars or the fee as required on the basis of gross weight as set forth in this section. The commissioner may establish, by regulations adopted in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54, a uniform schedule for the expiration and renewal of registrations and may prorate the fees in this section accordingly. Any person or firm that acquires ownership of an aircraft shall obtain a new registration in the name of such owner within thirty days of the date of such acquisition, provided no additional registration fee shall be payable in cases where one or more new ownership interests are being added to the registration or in cases of legal change of name of the registrant. All registrations shall be renewed within thirty days of the date of expiration as stated in the certificate. If a valid certificate or number decal is lost, mutilated or destroyed, the aircraft owner shall notify the municipal registration official within fifteen days, and such owner shall be issued a duplicate certificate or number decal upon payment of a fee of five dollars. (326)

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