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Connecticut Laws | Title 13b Transportation
Sec. 13b-212c. Powers and duties.

Sec. 13b-212c. Powers and duties. (1059)(Text)

The Metro North New Haven Rail Commuter Council shall study and investigate all aspects of the daily operation of the New Haven commuter railroad line, monitor its performance and recommend changes to improve the efficiency and the quality of service of the operation of such line. The council may request and shall receive from any department, division, board, bureau, commission, agency, public authority of the state or any political subdivision thereof such assistance and data as it requests and will enable it to properly carry out its activities for the purposes set forth herein. The council shall report its findings and recommendations annually on or before January fifteenth, to the Governor, the Commissioner of Transportation, the Connecticut Public Transportation Commission, the General Assembly, the Metro North Rail Commuter Council located in New York and the management advisory board of the office of the inspector general of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority located in New York. (1060)

Sec. 13b-212d. Agreement re voting representation for state on Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Metro-North Commuter Railroad. Reporting requirements. (1061)(Text)

(a) The Governor may enter into an agreement with the state of New York that provides voting representation for the state of Connecticut on the boards of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Metro-North Commuter Railroad and their respective successors, if any. (1062)

(b) Not later than January 1, 2005, the Commissioner of Transportation shall report to the Governor and the General Assembly concerning (1) the status of the state's efforts to obtain voting representation on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the board of the Metro-North Commuter Railroad and their successors, if any, (2) the status of the recommendations made in the report on the Metro-North operating agreement mandated by section 13b-38g and section 2 of public act 00-129*, and (3) any other actions with respect to the operating agreement which the commissioner believes are necessary, proper and appropriate to (A) improve commuter rail service on the Metro North-New Haven Line, and (B) protect the financial interests of the state. (1063)

Sec. 13b-213. (Formerly Sec. 16-62). Roads intersecting trunk line to have equal facilities. (1064)(Text)

When the trunk line of any railroad company, at or near the same place, connects with or is intersected by two or more other railroads, which are competing lines for the business to or from such trunk line, the company operating such trunk line shall afford equal facilities, including price and rates, to each of such competing roads, in the interchange of cars, the transportation of freight, the furnishing of tickets to passengers and the checking of baggage. (1065)

Sec. 13b-214. (Formerly Sec. 16-63). Aggrieved company may apply to Commissioner of Transportation. (1066)(Text)

If any such competing company at any time deems itself aggrieved in reference to such facilities, it may complain to the Commissioner of Transportation, who, after notice and hearing, shall prescribe such regulations as, in his judgment, will secure reasonable facilities for the accommodation of the business of each of such connecting railroads, and fix the terms on which such facilities shall be afforded by or to each of such companies; and the Superior Court may compel the observance thereof, by attachment, mandamus or otherwise, and the expenses of the proceedings shall be paid by the parties as the court determines. (1067)

Secs. 13b-215 to 13b-220. (Formerly Secs. 16-64 to 16-69). Order as to connections; penalty. Facilities for connecting roads; penalty. Through routes or transportation. Condemnation of corporate stock. Stockholder may begin proceedings. Freight charges; penalty. (1068)(Text)

Sections 13b-215 to 13b-220, inclusive, are repealed, effective October 1, 2002. (1069)

Sec. 13b-221. (Formerly Sec. 16-70). Deposit of snow or ice on state highways. (1070)(Text)

No public service company having a track in, over, above, under, parallel to or adjacent to any state highway shall, in the removal of snow or ice from so much of the right-of-way of any such company as is occupied by tracks, deposit upon the paved, metal or hardened section of such highway, or within twelve feet thereof, any snow or ice without the written permission of the Commissioner of Transportation, which permission shall state the manner in which such snow or ice shall be removed and may be revoked by the Commissioner of Transportation upon fifteen days' written notice. Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of this section shall be fined not more than two hundred dollars and shall reimburse the state for any expense incurred in the removal of such snow or ice from any such highway, plus fifteen per cent of such expense. (1071)

Sec. 13b-222. (Formerly Sec. 16-71). Payment of fare not to be evaded. (1072)(Text)

No person shall fraudulently evade or attempt to evade the payment of any fare lawfully established by a railroad company. No person who does not, upon demand, pay such fare, shall be entitled to be transported over any railroad; but conductors or employees of railroad companies shall not put a passenger off a train between stations. (1073)

Sec. 13b-223. (Formerly Sec. 16-73). Recovery of forfeitures to state. (1074)(Text)

All forfeitures, not otherwise provided for, accruing to the state from any railroad company by reason of its neglect or refusal to comply with the orders of the Commissioner of Transportation, shall be recovered by the State Treasurer in an action upon the respective statutes providing for such forfeitures. (1075)

Sec. 13b-224. (Formerly Sec. 16-74). General penalty. (1076)(Text)

Section 13b-224 is repealed, effective October 1, 2002. (1077)

Sec. 13b-225. (Formerly Sec. 16-75). Record of acquisition, consolidation or merger of railroad or railway companies. (1078)(Text)

Whenever any railroad or railway company, pursuant to any authority contained in its charter, has acquired any of the franchises of any other corporation or consolidated or merged with or in any other corporation, such railroad or railway company shall, upon consummation of such acquisition, consolidation or merger, file with the Secretary of the State a certificate, signed and sworn to by its president or its secretary, setting forth the fact of such acquisition, consolidation or merger and, in case of consolidation or merger, the name of the consolidated or merged corporation. (1079)

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