Connecticut Laws - Title 32 Commerce And Economic And Community Development
Sec. 32-23tt. Definitions.

Sec. 32-23tt. Definitions. (773)(1-click HTML)

As used in section 32-23ll, this section, and sections 32-23uu, 32-23vv and 32-235: (774)

(1) "Authority" means the Connecticut Development Authority established under the provisions of this chapter; (775)

(2) "Educational upgrades" means (A) programs designed to increase the basic skills of workers and production workers including, but not limited to training, in written and oral communication, mathematics or science, or (B) training in innovative production methods and workplace oriented computer technical skills; (776)

(3) "Financial assistance" means grants, loans, loan guarantees or interest rate subsidies or any combination thereof; (777)

(4) "Manufacturing or economic base business" means a business defined under subsection (l) of section 32-222*; (778)

(5) "Production worker" means an employee of a manufacturer whose principal duties are located within the state, and consist of the assembly or construction of the manufacturer's product or a portion thereof; and (779)

(6) "Worker" means an employee of a manufacturing or economic-based business whose principal duties are located within the state. (780)


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