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Connecticut Laws | Title 32 Commerce And Economic And Community Development
Sec. 32-1f. (Formerly Sec. 16a-35b). Duties of commissioner re Connecticut's future.

Each state agency and department shall cooperate with the commissioner in carrying out such duties and shall permit the Department of Economic and Community Development to have access to records and data needed for the performance of those duties. (37)

Sec. 32-1g. Connecticut competitiveness index. (38)(Text)

(a) The Connecticut Economic Conference Board, in consultation with the Department of Economic and Community Development and The University of Connecticut, shall establish a Connecticut competitiveness index to monitor the competitiveness of Connecticut as a place to do business, including, but not limited to, how programs and policies of the state government affect the economy and the business environment. The board shall use the Connecticut economic information system developed pursuant to section 32-6i and the Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) system to establish and compile the scores for the index. (39)

(b) On or before January 1, 1994, the board shall publish a list of the proposed components of the index and the proposed methodology for compiling the score for the index. The board shall seek public comment on the list and methodology and shall publish a final list and methodology by February 15, 1994. (40)

(c) Not later than February 15, 1994, and annually thereafter, the board shall submit to the Governor and the General Assembly the score for the index for the preceding calendar year. (41)

(d) The expenses incurred by the board pursuant to this section shall be paid by the Department of Economic and Community Development and The University of Connecticut from existing budgetary resources. (42)

Secs. 32-1h to 32-1j. Reports re financial assistance programs administered by commissioner. Reports re program objectives, measures and standards; economic analysis of program performance. Reports re sectors of state economy. (43)(Text)

Sections 32-1h to 32-1j, inclusive, are repealed, effective October 1, 2005. (44)

Sec. 32-1k. Definitions. (45)(Text)

As used in sections 8-244b to 8-244d, inclusive, this section and section 32-1l, the following terms shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates another meaning and intent: (46)

(1) "Department" means the Department of Economic and Community Development; (47)

(2) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development; (48)

(3) "CDA" means the Connecticut Development Authority, as created under chapter 579; (49)

(4) "CHFA" means the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, as created under chapter 134; (50)

(5) "CII" means Connecticut Innovations, Incorporated, as created under chapter 581; and (51)

(6) "SHA" means the State Housing Authority as created under section 8-244b. (52)

Sec. 32-1l. Powers. (53)(Text)

In addition to his other powers and duties, the commissioner shall have the following powers and duties: (54)

(1) To utilize the department's resources for planning and developing an economic and community development reorganization plan which (A) sets forth policy goals for the department, (B) determines strategies to encourage economic and community development and the provision of housing in this state, including housing for very low, low and moderate income families, (C) determines the feasibility of dividing the operation of programs and resources of the state in support of economic and community development between and among the department and CDA, CHFA and CII, (D) identifies strategies to increase the leverage of resources of the state used in furtherance of the purposes of CDA, CHFA and CII, (E) identifies, if feasible, divisions and recommends a timetable and procedures for transferring resources and operations between and among the department and CDA, CHFA and CII and (F) recommends specific economic and community development objectives and administrative structures for the department and CDA, CHFA and CII. In developing such plan, the department shall be the lead agency, in collaboration with CDA, CHFA and CII, for research, planning and development of the plan and shall solicit community and regional input in the preparation of such plan in such a manner as will best help develop, clarify or further state policies for economic and community development. The commissioner shall submit a copy of the reorganization plan to the joint standing committees of the General Assembly having cognizance of matters relating to commerce and planning and development; (55)

(2) To propose to the Governor on or before January 1, 1996, legislation to implement the economic and community development reorganization plan described in subdivision (1) of this section; (56)

(3) Notwithstanding the provisions of the general statutes or any special act and with the approval of the Treasurer and the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management, to transfer to CDA, CHFA and CII: (A) Any revenues received by the department or the state in connection with any program or project of the department and the right to receive any such revenues; and (B) any loan assets or equity interests held by the department in connection with any program or project of the department; provided, no such transfer shall be approved by the Treasurer or the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management if either determines that such transfer could adversely affect the tax-exempt status of any bonds of the state, the substantial interests of third parties, the financial budget of the state or other essential rights, interests, or prerogatives of the state. The commissioner may impose such conditions as he deems necessary or appropriate with respect to the use by CDA, CHFA or CII of any revenues, rights, assets, interests or amounts transferred to it by the department under this subdivision; provided, the commissioner may waive any requirement under this subdivision for the adoption of written procedures until July 1, 1996; (57)

(4) To award to CDA, CHFA or CII financial, technical or other assistance. Financial assistance awarded by the department to CDA, CHFA or CII may take any of the following forms, subject to any conditions imposed by the department: (A) Grants; (B) loans; (C) guarantees; (D) contracts of insurance; and (E) investments. In addition, to the extent funds or resources are available to the department for such purposes, the commissioner may provide such further financial or other assistance to CDA, CHFA and CII as the commissioner in his sole discretion deems appropriate for any of the purposes of CDA, CHFA and CII respectively; (58)

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