Connecticut Laws - Title 35 Trade Regulations, Trademarks And Collective And Certification Marks
Sec. 35-18d. Examination and amendment of application. Disclaimer. Refusal of registration.

Sec. 35-18d. Examination and amendment of application. Disclaimer. Refusal of registration. (99)(1-click HTML)

(a) Upon the filing of an application for registration and payment of the fee herein provided, the Secretary of the State shall cause the application to be examined to ensure conformity with sections 35-18a to 35-18e, inclusive. (100)

(b) The applicant shall provide any additional pertinent information requested by the Secretary of the State including a description of a design mark, and the applicant may make, or authorize the secretary to make, such amendments to the application as may be reasonably requested by the secretary or deemed by the applicant to be advisable to respond to any rejection or objection. (101)

(c) The Secretary of the State may require the applicant to disclaim an unregistrable component of a mark otherwise registrable, and applicant may voluntarily disclaim a component of a mark sought to be registered. (102)

(d) No disclaimer shall prejudice or affect the applicant's or registrant's rights of registration on another application if the disclaimed matter is or becomes distinctive of the applicant's or registrant's goods or services. (103)

(e) If the applicant is found not to be entitled to registration, the Secretary of the State shall advise the applicant thereof and of the reasons therefor. The applicant shall have a reasonable period of time specified by the Secretary of the State in which to reply or amend his application, which shall then be reexamined. This procedure may be repeated until (1) the Secretary of the State finally refuses registration of the mark or (2) the applicant fails to reply or amend within the specified period, whereupon the application shall be deemed to have been abandoned. (104)

(f) If the Secretary of the State finally refuses registration of the mark, the applicant may seek a writ of mandamus to compel such registration. Such writ may be granted, but without costs to the Secretary of the State, on proof that all the statements in the application are true and that the mark is otherwise entitled to registration. (105)


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