Connecticut Laws - Title 4 Management Of State Agencies
Sec. 4-180. Contested cases. Final decision. Application to court upon agency failure.

Sec. 4-180. Contested cases. Final decision. Application to court upon agency failure. (1374)(1-click HTML)

(a) Each agency shall proceed with reasonable dispatch to conclude any matter pending before it and, in all contested cases, shall render a final decision within ninety days following the close of evidence or the due date for the filing of briefs, whichever is later, in such proceedings. (1375)

(b) If any agency fails to comply with the provisions of subsection (a) of this section in any contested case, any party thereto may apply to the superior court for the judicial district of Hartford for an order requiring the agency to render a final decision forthwith. The court, after hearing, shall issue an appropriate order. (1376)

(c) A final decision in a contested case shall be in writing or orally stated on the record and, if adverse to a party, shall include the agency's findings of fact and conclusions of law necessary to its decision. Findings of fact shall be based exclusively on the evidence in the record and on matters noticed. The agency shall state in the final decision the name of each party and the most recent mailing address, provided to the agency, of the party or his authorized representative. The final decision shall be delivered promptly to each party or his authorized representative, personally or by United States mail, certified or registered, postage prepaid, return receipt requested. The final decision shall be effective when personally delivered or mailed or on a later date specified by the agency. (1377)


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