Connecticut Laws - Title 5 State Employees
Sec. 5-162f. Minimum monthly retirement income.

Sec. 5-162f. Minimum monthly retirement income. (217)(1-click HTML)

On or after October 1, 1982, each retired member who (1) has completed twenty-five years of state service in accordance with subsection (c) of section 5-162, (2) has completed twenty years of hazardous duty service described in section 5-173, or (3) is receiving retirement income under section 5-173 or 5-188, shall receive a minimum monthly retirement income of eight hundred thirty-three dollars and thirty-four cents, less any reduction for any option under section 5-165, or any actuarial reduction under subsection (c) of section 5-163, or both. Such minimum monthly benefit, for members already retired, shall be determined after the application of any cost-of-living adjustments under sections 5-162b, 5-162d and 5-162h. Such minimum shall also apply to a member who has completed twenty-five years of state service who terminates prior to being eligible for immediate retirement benefits, but this provision shall not result in an earlier commencement of benefits than would otherwise apply. (218)


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