Delaware Laws - Title 29 State Government
Sec. 711. Expenses of members of General Assembly.

Sec. 805. Redistricting after federal decennial census. (668)(1-click HTML)

The apportionment provided for by this chapter shall continue in effect until the official reporting by the President of the United State of the next federal decennial census. After the official reporting of the 2010 federal decennial census by the President to Congress, the General Assembly shall, not later than June 30, 2011, reapportion and redistrict the State, wherever necessary, for the general election of 2012 and thereafter in such a manner that the several representative and senatorial districts shall comply, insofar as possible, with the criteria set forth in Sec. 804(1)-(4) of this title. Such apportionment shall thence continue in effect until the next succeeding federal decennial census. (669)

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