Delaware Laws - Title 29 State Government
Subchapter II. Consumer Protection

Sec. 2523. Administrative process and appeals. (9626)(1-click HTML)

(a) The Director of Consumer Protection may initiate administrative charges against any person who appears to have violated or about to violate any provision of Chapter 25 of Title 6, any provision of Chapter 35 of Title 6, Chapters 51 through 67 of Title 25, Chapter 70 of Title 25, or any other law or regulation that the Division of Consumer Protection is authorized to enforce. Such charges shall provide notice as to the nature of the violation and state the remedies that are sought. (9627)

(b) The Attorney General shall appoint a Deputy Attorney General to act as the administrative hearing officer to adjudicate charges brought by the Director of Consumer Protection against any person. Such hearing officer shall be a Deputy Attorney General who is not assigned to the Fraud and Consumer Protection Division. (9628)

(c) Upon finding a violation, the hearing officer may order any of the administrative remedies authorized in Sec. 2524 of this title below. Upon finding a violation or a threat of a violation, the hearing officer may issue or affirm the issuance of a cease and desist order authorized by Sec. 2524(a) of this title below. (9629)

(d) Any party, including the Director, who is aggrieved by the hearing officer's final administrative order may appeal the order to Superior Court within 30 days after the date the final order is issued. The administrative record shall be filed with the Court in accordance with Superior Court Civil Rule 72. The final administrative order shall be affirmed by the Court if the findings in the order are supported by substantial evidence. (9630)

(e) Any moneys that are received by the State after an administrative hearing and order, other than for consumer victims, shall be credited to the General Fund. Any moneys received pursuant to a written agreement in settlement of administrative charges, at any stage of the proceeding, shall be credited to the Consumer Protection Fund. (9631)

(77 Del. Laws, c. 282, Sec. 2.) (9632)


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