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Delaware Laws | Title 29 State Government
Sec. 1004. Definitions.

(10) Collect or call to be collected all available information relating to any matter which is the subject of proposed legislation by the General Assembly, to examine acts of any other state and to investigate all available sources of information; (8878)

(11) Answer any and all inquiries for bills, resolutions, committee reports and abstracts, excerpts or copies of Laws of Delaware within the limits of available time and moneys and charging out-of-pocket expenses where such is determined appropriate for such abstracts, excerpts or copies; (8879)

(12) In general, act as a reference bureau for all matters relating or pertaining to legislative matters and subjects, whether enacted by this State or any other state or whether proposed by this or other states, at the request of any member of the General Assembly. (8880)

(29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 1104; 55 Del. Laws, c. 322; 59 Del. Laws, c. 253, Sec. 13.) (8881)

Sec. 1105. Powers of the Council. (8882)(Text)

The Council shall: (8883)

(1) Receive recommendations and suggestions for studies or legislation from all sources; (8884)

(2) Appoint committees and subcommittees which shall include only members of the General Assembly and at least 1 Council member and which shall be subject to the authority of the Council; (8885)

(3) Adopt such rules and procedures as may be necessary or appropriate to carry out its duties; (8886)

(4) Request information from any officer or agency of the State or of its political subdivisions bearing on subjects under consideration by the Council or by any of its committees or subcommittees. (8887)

(29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 1105; 55 Del. Laws, c. 322.) (8888)

Sec. 1106. Director of Research; qualifications; compensation; removal. (8889)(Text)

(a) The Council shall appoint, with the consent of a majority of the members elected to each House of the General Assembly, a Director of Research who shall serve full time. The Director shall: (8890)

(1) Be licensed to practice law before the Supreme Court of this State; or (8891)

(2) Have been awarded a master of arts or master of science degree from an accredited college or university; or (8892)

(3) Have been awarded a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree from an accredited college or university and have had 3 years experience in governmental research. (8893)

(b) The Director of Research shall receive such compensation as shall be determined by the Council, subject to the limitations contained in the annual appropriation act. (8894)

(c) The Director of Research, upon appointment, shall serve for so long as the Director properly performs the duties of Director and shall not be removed except for cause and only then upon the affirmative vote of 8 members of the Council. (8895)

(29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 1106; 55 Del. Laws, c. 322; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, Sec. 1.) (8896)

Sec. 1107. Duties of the Director of Research. (8897)(Text)

(a) The Director of Research shall: (8898)

(1) Organize and supervise the Research Division of the Council; (8899)

(2) Submit and publish such reports as the Council directs; (8900)

(3) Employ or engage assistants, stenographers and other persons or research agencies, subject to the approval of the Council; (8901)

(4) Assist any member of the General Assembly with respect to present or prospective legislation within the limits of the Director's staff and budget. (8902)

(b) The Director of Research shall be the Secretary of the Council. The Director shall prepare the agenda for meetings pursuant to the direction of the Chairperson. The Director shall cause to be kept the minutes of the Council and shall submit a copy thereof to the members of the General Assembly within 15 days of each meeting of the Council. (8903)

(29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 1107; 55 Del. Laws, c. 322; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, Sec. 1.) (8904)

Sec. 1108. Meetings; quorum. (8905)(Text)

(a) The Council shall meet at the call of the Chairperson and at such place as the Chairperson shall designate. Meetings of the Council shall also be called by the Chairperson upon the written request of 6 members and upon 48 hours' notice to the members of the Council. (8906)

(b) No less than 6 members of the Council shall constitute a quorum, and no act of the Council shall be valid unless approved by at least 6 members. (8907)

(29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 1108; 55 Del. Laws, c. 322; 66 Del. Laws, c. 54, Sec. 1; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, Sec. 1.) (8908)

Sec. 1109. Annual report. (8909)(Text)

The Council shall submit an annual report of its activities to the members of the General Assembly and to the Governor, which shall become a part of the journal of the Senate and House. (8910)

(29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 1109; 55 Del. Laws, c. 322.) (8911)

Sec. 1110. Controller General; responsibility; duties; compensation. (8912)(Text)

(a) The Council shall appoint a Controller General who, primarily, shall work with and assist the Joint Finance Committee of the General Assembly. (8913)

(b) The Controller General shall: (8914)

(1) At all times have full and complete access to all records of all agencies of the state government; (8915)

(2) Participate in any or all hearings held by the Joint Finance Committee of the General Assembly, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget or other state agencies in connection with contemplated general fund budget appropriations, capital improvement programs or supplementary appropriations; (8916)

(3) Request and obtain from any state agency all reasonable information and data as directed by the Joint Finance Committee to assist the General Assembly in the effective discharge of its state financial responsibilities; and (8917)

(4) Perform such duties as may be assigned or delegated to the Controller General by the Legislative Council. (8918)

(c) The Controller General has the authority to perform management and program reviews. Management and program reviews shall include, but are not limited to, any analyses necessary to determine operational efficiency and effectiveness, compliance with the laws of Delaware and legislative intent. (8919)

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