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Delaware Laws | Title 29 State Government
Sec. 1908. Waiver by majority.

Sec. 1908. Waiver by majority. (9196)(Text)

Each House may waive the requirements of this chapter as to any specific legislation pending before such House by a vote of the majority of all members elected to such House. (9197)

(29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 1907; 59 Del. Laws, c. 41, Sec. 1; 63 Del. Laws, c. 287, Sec. 1.) (9198)

State Government State Offices Created by Constitution (9199)

CHAPTER 21. GOVERNOR (9200)(Text)

Sec. 2101. Salary. (9201)(Text)

The annual salary of the Governor shall be $107,000, commencing with the day of inauguration. (9202)

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Sec. 2102. Request for judicial opinions. (9204)(Text)

The Governor may, whenever the Governor requires it for public information or to enable the Governor to discharge the duties of office with fidelity, request the members of the Supreme Court to give their opinions in writing touching the proper construction of any provision in the Constitution of this State or of the United States or the constitutionality of any law enacted by the General Assembly of this State. (9205)

(Code 1852, Sec. 482; Code 1915, Sec. 402; Code 1935, Sec. 374; 29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 2102; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, Sec. 1.) (9206)

Sec. 2103. Suspension of execution of death sentence. (9207)(Text)

The Governor, in every act suspending the execution of a sentence of death, shall appoint a day for doing such execution, and specify 2 hours between which it shall be done. (9208)

(Code 1852, Sec. 483; Code 1915, Sec. 403; Code 1935, Sec. 375; 29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 2103.) (9209)

Sec. 2104. Review of National Guard. (9210)(Text)

The Governor may review the volunteer forces or the National Guard of the State at the Governor's pleasure. (9211)

(Code 1852, Sec. 485; Code 1915, Sec. 405; Code 1935, Sec. 376; 29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 2104; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, Sec. 1.) (9212)

Sec. 2105. Rewards for arrest and conviction. (9213)(Text)

The Governor may, whenever there are reasonable grounds for the belief that the laws of this State have been violated and it is necessary for the purpose of securing the arrest of the persons offending that a reward should be offered for the arrest and conviction of such persons, issue a proclamation offering such reward as in the opinion of the Governor and the Attorney General is proper for such arrest and conviction. Upon the arrest and conviction, the amount so offered shall be paid upon a warrant drawn by the Governor on the State Treasurer in favor of the persons, certified by the Attorney General to be entitled thereto, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. The reward shall not exceed the sum of $250 in cases of felonies not capital and shall not exceed the sum of $2,000 in capital felonies. No reward shall be paid to any officer who arrests such person in the regular discharge of the officer's duty by virtue of process in the officer's hands to be executed nor to any person who has arrested the offender previous to the publication of the reward. (9214)

(15 Del. Laws, c. 345; 20 Del. Laws, c. 598; 26 Del. Laws, c. 280; Code 1915, Sec. 406; Code 1935, Sec. 377; 29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 2105; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, Sec. 1.) (9215)

Sec. 2106. Use of signature stamp. (9216)(Text)

In the preparation of marriage licenses and other licenses, the Governor may stamp the same with an autograph signature stamp. (9217)

(22 Del. Laws, c. 272, Sec. 1; Code 1915, Sec.Sec. 273, 427A; 28 Del. Laws, c. 40; Code 1935, Sec.Sec. 245, 385; 29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 2106.) (9218)

Sec. 2107. Mother's Day proclamation. (9219)(Text)

The Governor may issue annually a proclamation calling upon the state officials to display the United States flag on all state and school buildings and the people of the State to display the flag at their homes, lodges, churches and places of business and other suitable places on the second Sunday in May, known as Mother's Day, founded by Anna Jarvis, as a public expression of love and reverence for the mothers of our State and the women serving it and as an inspiration for better homes and closer ties between them and the State. (9220)

(31 Del. Laws, c. 73; Code 1935, Sec. 380; 29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 2107; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, Sec. 1.) (9221)

Sec. 2108. Arbor and Bird Day proclamation. (9222)(Text)

The Governor may set apart each year by proclamation 1 day to be designated as Arbor and Bird Day and may request its observance by all public schools, private schools, colleges and other institutions by the planting of trees and the adornment of the school and public grounds and by suitable exercises, having for their object the advancement of the study of arbor culture and promotion of the spirit of protection to birds and trees and the cultivation of an appreciative sentiment concerning them. (9223)

(22 Del. Laws, c. 216, Sec. 8; Code 1915, Sec. 2420; Code 1935, Sec. 2895; 29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 2108.) (9224)

Sec. 2109. Observance of Delaware Swedish Colonial Day. (9225)(Text)

(a) The Governor shall proclaim March 29th of each year as Delaware Swedish Colonial Day. (9226)

(b) The Governor shall issue a proclamation calling upon officials of the government to display the flags of the United States and of the State on all governmental buildings on March 29th of each year to be known as Delaware Swedish Colonial Day and inviting the people of the State to observe Delaware Swedish Colonial Day in schools, churches, patriotic and historical societies and other organizations with appropriate ceremonies in commemoration of the landing of the Swedes upon the soil of Delaware. (9227)

(42 Del. Laws, c. 207; 29 Del. C. 1953, Sec. 2109.) (9228)

Sec. 2110. Observance of American Education Week. (9229)(Text)

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