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Delaware Laws | Title 29 State Government
Subchapter IV. Registration of Lobbyists

(5) Persons testifying at public hearings conducted by the General Assembly or a state agency who do not otherwise act as lobbyists; (15123)

(6) Persons appearing on behalf of any religious organization with respect to subjects of legislation or regulation that directly relate to the religious beliefs and practices of that organization who do not otherwise act as lobbyists; (15124)

(7) Attorneys representing clients in administrative adjudications governed by the provisions of subchapter III of Chapter 101 of this title, representing clients before the Tax Appeals Board, or in other administrative procedures where ex parte communications with the state agency with authority over the matter are prohibited; (15125)

(8) Attorneys representing clients with regard to criminal or civil law enforcement proceedings, or in any judicial proceedings. (15126)

(69 Del. Laws, c. 467, Sec. 28; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, Sec. 1.) (15127)

Sec. 5832. Registration of lobbyists with the State Public Integrity Commission. (15128)(Text)

(a) Every lobbyist shall register with the Commission in a lobbyist docket and file, at that time, the authorization from the lobbyist's employer as required by Sec. 5833 of this title. A person who qualifies as a lobbyist in accordance with Sec. 5831(a)(5)a. or b. of this title shall register prior to performing any acts as a lobbyist. A person who qualifies as a lobbyist in accordance with Sec. 5831(a)(5)c. of this title must register within 5 days after so qualifying, if not already registered as a lobbyist. (15129)

(b) The information recorded in the Commission's lobbyist docket shall include for each separate employer: (15130)

(1) The name, residence or business address and occupation of each lobbyist; (15131)

(2) The name and business address of the employer of such lobbyist; (15132)

(3) The date on which the employment as lobbyist commenced; (15133)

(4) The length of time the employment is to continue; and (15134)

(5) The subject matter of legislation, regulation or administrative action as to which the employment relates at that time. (15135)

(c) Upon any change in the information recorded in the lobbyist docket, the lobbyist shall within 10 business days report such changes to the Commission, which shall record the change in the docket. (15136)

(d) The Commission shall promptly furnish copies of each entry in the lobbyist docket to the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives, the Secretary of the Senate, the Governor and the head of any state agency upon request of such persons. (15137)

(69 Del. Laws, c. 467, Sec. 28; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, Sec. 1.) (15138)

Sec. 5833. Employer's authorization to act. (15139)(Text)

Every employer of a lobbyist shall furnish to such lobbyist a written and signed authorization to act, which shall be filed with the Commission by the lobbyist at the time of registration or as soon as available and not later than 15 business days after the lobbyist has registered with the Commission. If the employer is a corporation, association or labor union, any authorized officer or agent who is not the lobbyist shall furnish and sign the written authorization. The authorization shall include the full and legal name and business address of both the employer and the lobbyist, the period of time during which the lobbyist is authorized to act and the subject or subjects of legislation, regulation or administrative action upon which the employer is represented. (15140)

(69 Del. Laws, c. 467, Sec. 28.) (15141)

Sec. 5834. Compensation of lobbyist not to be substantially dependent on outcome of legislative or administrative action. (15142)(Text)

No person shall employ a lobbyist nor shall any person be employed as a lobbyist pursuant to any compensation agreement that permits more than half of the compensation to be paid to such a lobbyist to be dependent upon the outcome of any legislative or administrative action. (15143)

(69 Del. Laws, c. 467, Sec. 28.) (15144)

Sec. 5835. Reports by lobbyists. (15145)(Text)

(a) On or before the 20th day of the month following each calendar quarter, each lobbyist shall file a written report covering the immediately preceding calendar quarter and containing the information required by this subchapter. (15146)

(b) A lobbyist shall file separate reports for each employer which the lobbyist represents. Each report shall contain the total expenditures during the reporting period for all direct expenditures, costs or values, whichever is greater, provided for members of the General Assembly or for employees or members of any state agency for the following: (15147)

(1) Food and refreshment; (15148)

(2) Entertainment, including the cost of maintaining a hospitality room; (15149)

(3) Lodging expenses away from home; (15150)

(4) Fair value of travel if the trip exceeds 100 miles; (15151)

(5) Recreation expenses; and (15152)

(6) Gifts or contributions, excluding political contributions as defined in Chapter 80 of Title 15 provided to members of the General Assembly. (15153)

(c) The information shall be reported on a form which shall be available from the Commission and shall show the total expenditures for the reporting period and shall also list the recipient any time the expenditures exceed $50 per diem. The lobbyist shall also affirm that the lobbyist has provided the recipient of any gift in excess of $50 with a representation as to the value of the gift. The records shall be retained for a period of 4 years from the date of filing. (15154)

(69 Del. Laws, c. 467, Sec. 28; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, Sec. 1.) (15155)

Sec. 5836. When registration, report or authorization is considered as filed; access to records. (15156)(Text)

(a) Any registration, report or authorization form shall be considered filed as of the date it is physically filed with the Commission or is mailed if sent by registered or certified mail. (15157)

(b) The lobbyist docket maintained by the Commission and any reports, authorizations or other documents filed with the Commission pursuant to this subchapter shall be made available at reasonable hours for public inspection and copying pursuant to Chapter 100 of this title. (15158)

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