(a.) Indulging or exercising malice; harboring ill will or enmity.

(a.) Proceeding from hatred or ill will; dictated by malice; as, a malicious report; malicious mischief.

(a.) With wicked or mischievous intentions or motives; wrongful and done intentionally without just cause or excuse; as, a malicious act.

Root Variants:

or malicious arrest

Related Terms:

arbor, boring, born, dicta, dictate, dictated, enmity, excuse, exercising, harbor, harboring, hatred, indulging, intent, intention, intentional, intentionally, malic, malice, mischief, mischievous, motive, report, wick, wicke, wicked, wrongful


desertion, or malicious arrest

Legal Application:

With bad, and unlawful motives; wicked.

Related Actions:

motive, unlawful

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