(n.) an organ situated in the floor of the mouth of most vertebrates and connected with the hyoid arch.

(n.) The power of articulate utterance; speech.

(n.) Discourse; fluency of speech or expression.

(n.) Honorable discourse; eulogy.

(n.) A language; the whole sum of words used by a particular nation; as, the English tongue.

(n.) Speech; words or declarations only; -- opposed to thoughts or actions.

(n.) A people having a distinct language.

(n.) The lingual ribbon, or odontophore, of a mollusk.

(n.) The proboscis of a moth or a butterfly.

(n.) The lingua of an insect.

(n.) Any small sole.

(n.) That which is considered as resembing an animal's tongue, in position or form.

(n.) A projection, or slender appendage or fixture; as, the tongue of a buckle, or of a balance.

(n.) A projection on the side, as of a board, which fits into a groove.

(n.) A point, or long, narrow strip of land, projecting from the mainland into a sea or a lake.

(n.) The pole of a vehicle; especially, the pole of an ox cart, to the end of which the oxen are yoked.

(n.) The clapper of a bell.

(n.) A short piece of rope spliced into the upper part of standing backstays, etc.; also. the upper main piece of a mast composed of several pieces.

(n.) Same as Reed, n., 5.

(v. t.) To speak; to utter.

(v. t.) To chide; to scold.

(v. t.) To modulate or modify with the tongue, as notes, in playing the flute and some other wind instruments.

(v. t.) To join means of a tongue and grove; as, to tongue boards together.

(v. i.) To talk; to prate.

(v. i.) To use the tongue in forming the notes, as in playing the flute and some other wind instruments.

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adder's-tongue, betongue, bird's-tongue, close-tongued, deer's-tongue, dog's-tongue, double-tongue, double-tongued, earth-tongue, foul tongued, free-tongued, hart-tongue, honey-tongued, hound's-tongue, long-tongue, long-tongued, outtongue, oxtongue, pleasant-tongued, serpent-tongued, shrill-tongued, silver tongued, slip of the tongue, smooth tongued, smooth-tongued, snake's-tongue, split-tongued, trumpet-tongued, two-tongued, untongue

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