Foster Care Group Homes in Texas

Foster group home means any child care facility the provides care for 7 to 12 children 24 hours a day. The term is included in the definition of "residential child care facility" under Texas law and means facilities that must be licensed or certified by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Under Texas law, the department may not prohibit possession of lawfully permitted firearms and ammunition in a foster home of any type. Minimum standards may be adopted however relating to safety, such as proper storage of these firearms and munitions, including the storage of these items separately in locked locations.

The DFPS may set minimum standards for the operations of any foster group home.

Operators and employees of foster group homes must meet minimum training standards including employees to provide transportation for children under the care of the facility is chronological or developmental ages younger than 9 years.

In some cases before the department may issue license or certificate for the operation or expansion of the capacity of a foster home, a public hearing must be conducted on the application in accordance with departmental rules. Notice of this public hearing in a newspaper of general circulation in the community in which the child care services are proposed to be provided must be published.

The director, owner, or operator of the foster group home must, before a child for whom the department is managing conservator is placed with the agency or in the home, submit a complete set of fingerprints of any person who applies to be a foster or adoptive parent, any person who is 18 years of age or older and who lives in the home of a person who applies to be a foster or adoptive parent.

Any employee or volunteer for a foster group home must report any serious incident involving a child under it's care or supervision directly to the department.

Foster Group Home (Family) in Texas Law

Alcoholic Beverage Code


pertaining to sales near daycare center for child care facility

Family Code


pertaining to notification, placement review, eligibility for foster care payments and permanency care assistance, definition of designated caregiver

Government Code


pertaining to definition of institution, search for parent or guardian of a child

Health & Safety Code


pertaining to definition of independent living environment, exemptions, department responsibilities

Human Resource Code


pertaining to definition of a child placing agency, required license, rules and standards, minimum training standards, inspections, public notice and hearing, residential child care, agency foster homes and agency foster group on, required information for verification, fees, required background and criminal history checks, criminal penalties, reporting of incidents and violations, on-site surveys, investigation database

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