Gang Intervention Programs in Texas

The criminal justice division in Texas administers a competitive grant program designed to support regional multidisciplinary approaches to combating gang violence including coordination of gang prevention, intervention and suppression activities.

The grant program which is directed towards regions of the state that have demonstrably high levels of gang violence, awards grants to qualified applicants to demonstrate comprehensive approaches to reducing gang violence as well as prevention and intervention.

Some local municipalities also provide programs and services for delinquent and adjudicated youth and their families, providing counselors and mentors involved in the prevention and intervention of gang involvement and juvenile delinquency or direct services, collaboration, education and awareness as well as policy development.

Youth who have the desire to leave the gang lifestyle may be referred to these programs from schools, faith-based organizations, healthcare professionals, their parents or even on their own. Many of these programs offer court-based assessment, community service, mentoring, truancy reduction, tattoo removal, skill building workshops and more.

The strategies used to address gang membership in gang related crime vary. Some programs target prison-based gang behavior while other programs are designed to prevent youth from joining gangs in the first place. These groups usually target either prevention of gang membership or intervention with current gang members and sometimes a mix of both.

Gang Intervention (Family) in Texas Law

Family Code


pertaining to gang-related conduct, adjudication of delinquent conduct, criminal street gang intervention programs

Government Code


pertaining to prison diversion progressive sanctions program, gang intervention strategies, texas anti-gang grant program

Local Government Code


pertaining to district responsibilities, limitations on expenditures, street gang intervention

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