Grandparent Rights under Texas Law

A Texas Court may grant "reasonable possession of access" to a grandchild. There must be one biological or adoptive parent that still has parental rights.

The court must find that barring access is not in the best interest of the child. They must also prove that denial would impair the child's physical health or emotional well being.

Managing possession, possessory conservatorship, and possession and access are the three types of rights grandparents may have in relationship to their grandchild.

A grandparent may be granted access if the parent is deceased or incarcerated. No access will be granted if both biological parents are dead or have had parental rights terminated. This is also true if the child has been adopted by other than a stepparent, or if both parents have affidavits designating another person has the managing conservator.

Grandparent Rights (Family) in Texas Law

Family Code


pertaining to possession of or access to a child by a grandparent, standing for grandparent or other person, suit for procession or access by grandparent, possession of or access to grandchild, limitation on right to request possession or access, order terminating parental rights, effect of adoption

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