The Parent-Child Relationship in Texas Law

Court orders created for the purposes of addressing the needs of a child are lawsuits affecting the "parent-child relationship".

Whenever a divorce cases filed in the state of Texas and the parties have children their divorce case will automatically include a suit affecting parent-child relationship. Sometimes if a married couple is separated but not divorced one of the parents may file a suit to deal with custody issues such as how to certain decisions will be made for their child, visitation, geographic restriction on residence, child support, etc.

The office of the Attorney General may also file a suit if the child is receiving some form of public assistance or if a parent requests the assistance of the office of the Attorney General.

If the parents of the child are not married there may be a request for the court to legally establish or adjudicate the parent-child relationship between the child and the child's biological father.

Finally, in cases where the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services becomes involved due to allegations of abuse or neglect, or if the child is removed from the parents custody either temporarily or permanently, CPS may file a suit in order serve the best interests of the child. CPS may also file a suit in order to establish paternity in cases where there is a question as to who the biological father is.

Parent Child Relationship (Family) in Texas Law

Civil Practice and Remedies


pertaining to qualifications of impartial third party, peaceable resolution of disputes

Criminal Procedure


pertaining to rights request existence of criminal information

Education Code


pertaining to persons with whom the parent-child relationship has been terminated or persons not entitled to possession of or access to a child under court order

Family Code


pertaining to marriage presumed valid, minatory joinder of suit affecting parent-child relationship, transfer of suit affecting parent-child relationship to divorce court, consent by nonparent, venue, appeal, transfer of protective order, the parent-child relationship, statement to confer standing, limitations on standing, service of citation by publication, hearsay, child abuse victim, parent education and family stabilization force, substituted judgment of attorney for child, mandatory appointment of guardian ad litem, continued representation, discretionary appointments, prohibited appointments, fees and suits other than suits by governmental entity, volunteer advocates, free adopted social study, exclusive continuing jurisdiction, hearing and order, history of domestic violence, alternate dispute resolution procedures, false report of child abuse, court ordered joint conservatorship, rights and duties of nonparent appointed as sole managing conservator, parenting facilitator, conflicts of interest, medical support order, possession of or access to adult disabled child, acquiring continuing exclusive jurisdiction, loss of continuing exclusive jurisdiction, mandatory transfer, relator relinquish possession, temporary orders, no existing order, special rules of evidence and procedure, search of appropriate registry, intended parents, parental agreements of child born to gestational mother, assisted reproduction

Finance Code


pertaining to procedure for recovery, residential mortgage loan applicant

Government Code


pertaining to additional filing fee for civil cases in dare county, miscellaneous fees and costs, search for parent or guardian of a child, domestic violence case

Human Resource Code


pertaining to immunity, liability insurance required

Insurance Code


pertaining to definition of dependent and related terms, foster child, stepchild, natural child, adopted child

Probate Code


pertaining to use of genetic testing results in certain proceedings to declare heirship, bond requirement for trustees, definition of parent

Vernons Civil Statutes


pertaining to surviving spouse and dependent child monthly allowance, benefits for a dependent child

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