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Texas Laws | Utility Code

(a) A customer's bill may not include charges for a period of more than: (9341)

(1) 32 days for a billing month in which the majority of days in the billing month occur in December, January, or February; or (9342)

(2) 31 days for a billing month in which the majority of days in the billing month occur in any other month. (9343)

(b) If an extreme condition occurs or continues on or after the 29th day of a billing month described by Subsection (a)(1), the billing month may be extended by the number of days the extreme condition occurs. Extreme conditions include: (9344)

(1) iced, flooded, closed, or otherwise impassable roads in the county in which the customer resides; (9345)

(2) a natural disaster, including an earthquake, a hurricane, a tornado, or winds of more than 60 miles per hour; and (9346)

(3) civil disruption, including war, riot, or labor disruption or stoppage. (9347)

Added by Acts 2015, 84th Leg., R.S., Ch. 783 (H.B. 2558), Sec. 1, eff. September 1, 2015. (9348)


(a) A distribution system retailer may not disconnect propane gas service to a residential customer on a weekend day or holiday officially observed by the State of Texas unless personnel of the distribution system retailer are available on that day to receive payments and reconnect service. (9350)

(b) A distribution system retailer may not disconnect propane gas service to a residential customer during an extreme weather emergency, as defined by Section 104.258. The distribution system retailer shall defer collection of the full payment of bills that are due during an extreme weather emergency, as defined by Section 104.258, until after the emergency is over. (9351)

Added by Acts 2013, 83rd Leg., R.S., Ch. 1296 (H.B. 2532), Sec. 1, eff. September 1, 2013. (9352)

Sec. 141.005. CONTINUITY OF SERVICE. (9353)(Text)

(a) A distribution system retailer shall make all reasonable efforts to prevent interruptions of service. When an interruption occurs, the distribution system retailer shall reestablish service within the shortest possible time consistent with prudent operating principles so that the smallest number of customers are affected. (9354)

(b) Excluding service interruptions under Section 141.006, a distribution system retailer shall keep complete records of all emergency and scheduled service interruptions lasting more than six hours and affecting more than two customers. The records must describe the cause, date, length, and location of each interruption, the approximate number of customers affected by the interruption, and, in the case of an emergency interruption, the remedy and steps taken to prevent a recurrence, if applicable. The distribution system retailer shall submit copies of the service interruption records to the commission quarterly. (9355)

(c) The distribution system retailer shall notify the commission in writing not later than 48 hours after an interruption in service that affects the entire propane gas system, lasts more than four hours, represents an existing or probable hazard to persons or property, and requires immediate repair or continuous action until the conditions are no longer hazardous. The notice shall include the distribution system report of a service interruption. A written report of a service interruption in another form, including a part of a safety report, is sufficient to comply with this subsection. (9356)

(d) The commission shall establish and maintain a toll-free telephone number to enable a customer to notify the commission of a service interruption that does not involve a refusal to serve under Section 141.006. The commission shall immediately investigate the notification. A distribution system retailer shall notify the customer of the commission phone number on each billing statement. (9357)

(e) To restore and maintain service, the commission may assume temporary operational control of a propane gas system that experiences a service interruption that affects the entire propane gas system and that: (9358)

(1) continues to affect the entire propane gas system after the distribution system retailer has had direct access to and control of the system for more than 48 hours after the service interruption began; (9359)

(2) occurs more than three times in one month; or (9360)

(3) is the result of the distribution system retailer's failure or refusal to replenish the primary propane tank for a reason other than a general local market disruption, a restriction on wholesale propane supplies, mechanical failure, criminal activity, or an act of God. (9361)

(f) The commission may draw down all or part of the financial surety posted under Section 141.009, as required, to restore and maintain service under Subsection (e). (9362)

(g) At the request of the commission, the attorney general shall bring suit for the appointment of a receiver to collect the assets and carry on the business of a distribution system retailer that: (9363)

(1) has abandoned operation of its facilities; (9364)

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