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Each member State shall provide for the payment of compensation and death benefits to injured...

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Plural alternatives: benefit (benefits), injury (injuries)

Similar words:

benefit: benefited, benefiting, benefits, benefitting

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death: death, catastrophe, cessation, conclusion, destination, destruction, dissolution, effect, end, ending, expiration, fatal, finality, goal, last, liquidation, passing, period, resolution, silence, sleep, term, terminal, termination

benefit: account, advance, advantage, aid, answer, assist, assistance, avail, behalf, benefits, better, bill, build, claim, common, convenience, doctor, ease, easement, entertainment, equity, estate, exhibit, exhibition, favor, fit, forward, gain, good, grace, help, holding, improve, interest, kindness, limitation, obligation, office, offices, part, pay, percentage, performance, point, presentation, production, profit, promote, protect, protection, redeem, relief, relieve, remedy, rescue, restore, right, save, serve, service, settlement, show, support, therapy, title, trust, turn, use, value, welfare, well-being, work, worth

injury: abuse, bad, bankruptcy, blow, breach, break, breakage, breakdown, check, concussion, contempt, cost, crime, damage, debit, delinquency, denial, deprivation, despite, destruction, disadvantage, distress, divestment, error, expense, failure, felony, forfeit, forfeiture, grievance, handicap, harm, humiliation, ill, impairment, imposition, infection, infringement, lapse, liability, loss, malfeasance, maltreatment, mischief, misdemeanor, molestation, offense, omission, pain, rent, robbery, run, slip, stress, stripping, suffering, tort, trauma, trespass, trip, violation, violence, weakening, wound

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Sgt. Michael G. Guajardo is an attorney practicing law in Dallas that handles matters involving death injury in Dallas county.

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