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(g) The construction and appliances of a public swimming pool must be such as to reduce to a...

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Plural alternatives: pool (pools), injury (injuries)

Similar words:

pool: pool-related, pooled, pooling, pools

Synonyms in this publication:

swimming: aquatic, bathing, drunkenness, floating, light, shore, sports, track, wading

pool: accumulate, assets, balance, bank, budget, business, chain, cistern, collect, collection, combine, company, concern, consolidate, consortium, copartnership, corporation, dam, enterprise, finances, firm, fund, funds, gather, group, house, industry, lagoon, lake, league, means, merge, partnership, pocket, pond, pot, reserves, reservoir, resources, savings, substance, tank, trust, utility

injury: abrasion, abuse, bad, bankruptcy, bereavement, blight, breach, break, burn, check, contempt, corruption, cost, crime, cut, damage, debit, delinquency, denial, despite, destruction, detriment, dilapidation, distress, dump, error, expense, failure, fault, felony, forfeit, forfeiture, fracture, grievance, harm, ill, impairment, imposition, impropriety, incision, infection, infringement, liability, losing, loss, misdemeanor, mistreatment, molestation, mutilation, offense, omission, pain, poison, pollution, prejudice, rent, run, rupture, scratch, spoiling, spoliation, stress, stroke, suffering, tort, toxin, trauma, violation, violence, wound

These words have practice notes in the legal dictionary: pool, injury


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