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(1) while operating an aircraft, watercraft, or amusement ride while intoxicated, or while...

(2) as a result of assembling a mobile amusement ride while intoxicated causes serious bodily...

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Plural alternatives: ride (rides), injury (injuries)

Similar words:

ride: rider, rides

Synonyms in this publication:

amusement: content, enjoyment, entertainment, game, gratification, sport

ride: annoy, bait, bus, deceive, defraud, dog, exercise, foot, harass, intimidate, motor, provoke, run, slip, terrorize, torment, torture, trip, wash

injury: abuse, affront, bad, breach, check, chip, contempt, cost, crime, cut, damage, debit, delinquency, destruction, disadvantage, dispossession, distress, expense, failure, felony, forfeit, forfeiture, harm, ill, impairment, liability, losing, loss, mischief, misdemeanor, mistreatment, offense, omission, pain, passion, poison, prejudice, puncture, rent, robbery, run, scratch, slip, stab, suffering, trespass, trip, violation, violence, wrong

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