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California Laws | Election Code

7229. Whenever a candidate for election to a committee dies on or before the day of election, and a sufficient number of ballots are marked as being voted for him or her to entitle him or her to election if he or she had lived until after the election, a vacancy exists on the county central committee, which shall be filled by the committee in the same manner as other vacancies are filled. (2193)

Article 3. Meetings (7235-7236) (2194)(Text)

7235. All meetings of the committee shall be held in quarters that shall be accessible to persons with disabilities. (2195)

7236. The Department of General Services shall permit any committee to hold meetings in a state building within the county. At least one committee meeting each month shall be free of charge. (2196)

Article 4. General Business (7240-7244) (2197)(Text)

7240. A committee shall have charge of the party campaign under general direction of the state central committee or of the executive committee selected by the state central committee. (2198)

7241. A committee may make rules and regulations providing: (2199)

(a) How officers of the committee may be removed. (2200)

(b) How meetings may be called, and any provisions so made shall supersede anything in this chapter to the contrary. (2201)

(c) Whether or not proxies may be used and the conditions under which they may be used. (2202)

Any rule adopted prior to statutory authorization by any committee by majority vote of the members elected to the committee is hereby validated and made of the same effect as if subsequently adopted. (2203)

7242. The committees shall perform any other duties and services for this political party as seem to be for the benefit of the party. They shall continue to function and exist until the election at the succeeding direct primary and qualification of the members of the new committees. (2204)

7243. If the chairperson of a committee refuses to call a meeting, a meeting may be called upon five days' notice by a majority of the members of the committee. (2205)

7244. Within five days after a committee meets for its organizational meeting, the newly elected chairperson of the committee shall notify the county elections official of his or her name. (2206)



7250. This part shall apply to the organization, operation, and function of that political party known as the California Republican Party. (2209)


7300. In each year of the general election at which electors of President and Vice President of the United States are to be chosen, the Republican nominees for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, Controller, Attorney General, and Secretary of State, the Republican nominees for United States Senator at the last two United States senatorial elections, the Assembly Republican leader, the Senate Republican leader, all elected officers of the Republican State Central Committee, the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman, the President of the Republican County Central Committee Chairmen's Association, and the chairperson or president of each Republican volunteer organization officially recognized by the Republican State Central Committee shall act as presidential electors, except that Senators, Representatives, and persons holding an office of trust or profit of the United States shall not act as electors. The remaining presidential elector positions, and any vacant positions, shall be filled by appointment of the chairperson of the Republican State Central Committee in accordance with the bylaws of the committee. The name, residence address, and business address of each appointee shall be filed with the Secretary of State by October 1 of the presidential election year. The Republican State Central Committee shall adopt bylaws implementing this section. (2211)

CHAPTER 3. STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE (7350-7354) (2212)(Text)

7350. The membership of delegates to the state central committee, procedures for notification of members of appointments, proxy provisions, and form of appointment of delegate members shall be as set forth in the standing rules and bylaws of the California Republican Party. The California Republican Party shall maintain a current copy of its standing rules and bylaws for public inspection on the Internet. (2213)

7352. The officers, methods of electing officers, terms of officers, quorum requirements for meetings of the state central committee and procedures for the conduct of committee proceedings and adoption of a state party platform shall be as set forth in the standing rules and bylaws of the California Republican Party. (2214)

7353. The state central committee shall conduct party campaigns for the party and on behalf of the candidates of the party. It shall appoint committees and appoint and employ campaign directors and perfect whatever campaign organizations it deems suitable or desirable and for the best interest of the party. (2215)

7354. (a) The state central committee may prohibit or limit the power of county central committees established pursuant to Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 7400) to endorse, support, or oppose any candidate for nomination by the California Republican Party for partisan office in the direct primary election. (2216)

(b) The superior court, in any case brought before it by the state central committee or by any registered voter, may issue a temporary or permanent restraining order or injunction to prohibit the endorsement, support, or opposition by a county central committee of any candidate for nomination by the California Republican Party for partisan office in the direct primary election, if the endorsement, support, or opposition is in violation of the bylaws or rules of the state central committee. All cases of this nature shall be in a preferred position for purposes of trial and appeal, so as to ensure the speedy disposition thereof. (2217)


Article 1. Members (7400-7414) (2219)(Text)

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