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California Laws | Food and Agriculture Code

29210. If an abatement notice as required by this article has been served upon the owner or bailee of an apiary, the owner or bailee, before the expiration of the time specified in the notice, may appeal from the inspector's field determination of the infestation named in the notice by sending a written appeal to the director with a specimen of the infested material chosen and sealed for transportation jointly by the owner or bailee and the inspector, which is accompanied by a statement signed by the owner or bailee and the inspector, attesting to the fact that such specimen was obtained from the portion of the apiary described in the abatement notice. (7732)

29211. In those instances when the inspector has sealed the infested hive after making a field determination, if a beekeeper appeals the inspector's field determination, the owner or bailee of the apiary and the inspector shall jointly break the seal and take the sample for appeal. If the band is broken in the absence of the inspector, no appeal shall be valid and the infestation shall be abated as described in the abatement notice. (7733)

29212. The specimen shall be subjected to a laboratory diagnosis by the director, or at his or her direction. The written determination which sets forth the findings of the diagnosis is final proof of the nature of the infestation which exists in the apiary. (7734)

29213. The disease which is named by the director in a written response to the appeal may be abated pursuant to this chapter. Pending the determination of the director, the time which is specified in the abatement notice shall be extended by the number of hours between the forwarding of the representative specimen and the receipt of the written determination from the director by the inspector, and the service of a copy of the written determination upon the owner or bailee that made the written appeal. If the owner or bailee cannot be found after due diligence, the extended time shall expire when a copy of the director's determination is served by posting it in the apiary. (7735)

Article 15. Enforcement and Penalties (29300-29311) (7736)(Text)

29300. The director, and the commissioner of each county under the direction and supervision of the director shall enforce this chapter. (7737)

29301. The director may make any regulations that are reasonable and necessary to carry out this chapter. (7738)

29302. Unless otherwise stated, it shall be an infraction for any person to fail to comply with any requirement of this chapter, or regulations adopted thereto after a warning notice of seven days is given. However, there shall be no warning notice for infractions involving the following sections: (7739)

(a) Subdivisions (b) and (c) of Section 29046. (7740)

(b) Subdivisions (b) and (c) of Section 29056. (7741)

(c) Section 29072. (7742)

(d) Section 29111. (7743)

(e) Section 29113. (7744)

(f) Section 29120. (7745)

(g) Section 29126. (7746)

(h) Section 29127. (7747)

(i) Section 29145. (7748)

(j) Section 29150. (7749)

(k) Section 29170. (7750)

(l) Section 29171. (7751)

(m) Section 29172. (7752)

(n) Section 29173. (7753)

(o) Section 29204. (7754)

Violations thereof shall be referred to the district attorney in the affected county, or to the Attorney General if the district attorney is not able to prosecute the matter. For purposes of this chapter, each incident shall constitute a separate infraction. Where violations of provisions governing hives or colonies are involved, each separate hive or colony shall constitute a separate infraction. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the maximum penalty of each infraction herein shall be one hundred dollars ($100) for the first hive or colony, plus one dollar ($1.00) for each additional hive or colony not in compliance, as applicable to a maximum penalty not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000), except that a violation of Section 29070 shall be subject to a maximum fifty dollar ($50) fine. Nothing herein shall prevent the director or the commissioner from initiating any procedures for issuance of a prior warning notice or notice to correct. (7755)

29303. It shall be an infraction for any person to fail to comply with any notice or order which is issued pursuant to this chapter subject to the penalties set forth in Section 29302. (7756)

29304. (a) In addition to the penalties outlined in Sections 29302 and 29303 above, any person not complying with any provision of this chapter or regulation adopted thereto, or any notice or order issued pursuant to this chapter or regulation, shall be subject to a civil penalty of not more than five hundred dollars ($500) for each day that the violation continues. (7757)

(b) The director or commissioner may also seek injunctive relief against any person operating in violation of this chapter or regulations adopted thereto, or violation of any order or notice issued pursuant to the authority of this chapter or regulation adopted thereto. (7758)

(c) Any action for recovery of civil penalties or injunctive relief shall be referred to the Attorney General. (7759)

29305. (a) Any penalties recovered under this chapter, whether criminal or civil, shall be paid into a special account maintained by the department, and shall be used for the administration of Section 29302, except that up to 50 percent of the costs incurred by a district attorney in prosecuting a case under Section 29302 shall be reimbursed from whatever penalties are obtained from the prosecution. (7760)

(b) In determining the amount of any civil or criminal penalty provided for in this chapter, the court shall consider the seriousness of the conduct, and all relevant circumstances including, but not limited to, the extent of the harm caused by the conduct; the motive and persistence of the conduct; the length of time over which the conduct occurred; the economic impact on the person involved, whether a corporation or an individual; and any corrective action taken by the person. (7761)

29306. In addition to any other penalty provided for by law, and by this article, any person who willfully or intentionally violates any provisions of this chapter shall be liable for a civil penalty not to exceed two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) for each violation, which shall be recovered in a civil action brought in the name of the people of the State of California by the Attorney General. (7762)

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