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California Laws | Food and Agriculture Code

29449. Any person, forwarding company, or common carrier may decline to ship or transport any honey if notified by any enforcing officer of this chapter, that the honey is found to be delivered for shipment in violation of this chapter. (7827)

29450. Any person, forwarding company, or common carrier may reserve the right, in any receipt, bill of lading or other writing which is given to the consignor of any honey, to reject for shipment and to return to the consignor or hold at his expense and risk all honey, which, upon inspection, is found to be delivered for shipment in violation of this chapter. (7828)

29451. Honey may not be labeled honey or words of similar import or represented to be honey unless manufactured by bees. No product may be labeled imitation honey or words of similar import or represented to be imitation honey. (7829)

Article 3. Exemptions (29471-29474) (7830)(Text)

29471. If the requirements prescribed by this article are satisfied, all of the following ungraded honey is exempt from the remaining provisions of this chapter: (7831)

(a) Honey which is intended to be used in commercial processing, as for clarifying and packing in retail or wholesale containers. (7832)

(b) Honey which is intended for the manufacture of honey products for resale. (7833)

(c) Honey which is being delivered to any person for grading, packing, processing, or reconditioning. (7834)

29472. The containers of the ungraded honey shall not bear any false or misleading statements or be deceptively packed (7835)

29473. The owner or person in possession of the ungraded honey shall, on demand of any enforcing officer under this chapter, give to the officer a sworn statement in writing, which was made before a notary public, that specifies all of the following: (7836)

(a) That the honey will be disposed of or used pursuant to this article. (7837)

(b) The name and address of the person to whom such honey is to be delivered. (7838)

(c) An accurate identification of the honey. (7839)

29474. A person who makes a sworn statement pursuant to Section 29473 shall, within a reasonable time after the demand and receipt by the officer of the statement, present a written receipt to the commissioner of the county which is specified in the statement as the destination of the honey. (7840)

The receipt shall contain a signed statement by the person receiving such honey, that the honey, giving an accurate description of it, has been received. (7841)

Article 4. Standard Honey Containers (29501-29504) (7842)(Text)

29501. The standard units of net weight of honey in containers are as established by this article. (7843)

29502. Containers which hold the following units of weight of honey are standard containers: (7844)

60 pounds 2 pounds (7845)

12 pounds 1 1/2 pounds (7846)

10 pounds 1 pound (7847)

6 pounds 12 ounces avoirdupois (7848)

5 pounds 8 ounces avoirdupois (7849)

3 pounds 5 ounces avoirdupois (7850)

2 1/2 pounds (7851)

29503. When honey is prepared for, and is shipped directly to, any foreign country, the containers of honey shall not be required to meet the unit of net weight standards required by the provisions of this article. (7852)

Any person preparing or shipping such honey shall, upon request of an enforcing officer, furnish such affidavits, receipts, or other evidence as may be required by the director, by regulations, as proof that such honey was, or is being, in fact prepared for, and shipped directly to, a foreign country. (7853)

29504. The director may promulgate regulations to permit the preparation, packing, shipment, or sale of honey in an experimental type of container which does not conform to the standards prescribed in this article. These regulations shall include container labeling standards which comply with the requirements of this chapter. (7854)

Article 5. California Color Standards (29531) (7855)(Text)

29531. The classes as to color comprising the California standards shall conform to the United States color standards, using the readings on the Pfund honey scale. (7856)

Article 6. Emergency Standards, Containers, Color Classifications, and Markings (29551-29561) (7857)(Text)

29551. As used in this article, "emergency standard" means any emergency standard for honey, standard units of weight, type of container, color classifications, or markings required upon containers which is established by the director pursuant to Section 29552. (7858)

29552. The director, upon petition of persons that are interested in the production or handling of honey, or upon his own motion, may establish emergency standards for honey, standard units of net weight, type of container, color classifications, or marking upon any container, if he makes any of the following findings regarding any provision of this chapter which relates to any of such subjects: (7859)

(a) It is difficult or impossible of performance by reason of laws or orders promulgated by authority of the government of the United States, or the standard weights are not appropriate for the country of destination as to honey intended to be shipped outside the United States, or because of scarcity of materials, labor, or equipment used in the production or marketing of honey regulated by this chapter. (7860)

(b) It results in a serious waste of honey otherwise available for human consumption, or in serious waste of other resources. (7861)

(c) It prevents the utilization of new technological developments to the serious disadvantage of producers or handlers of honey in this state. (7862)

29553. Emergency standards shall apply in lieu of the standards for honey, standard units of net weight, type of container, color classifications, or markings required upon any container set forth in this chapter. (7863)

29554. Every emergency standard which is established pursuant to this article shall be reasonably calculated to effectuate the purposes of the standard which it supersedes. No emergency standard shall be established which tends to lower any standard which relates to carrying or keeping quality of honey. (7864)

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