California Laws - Harbors and Navigation Code
Article 3. Revenue Bonds (6936-6939.3)

Article 3. Revenue Bonds (6936-6939.3) (2786)(1-click HTML)

6936. Pursuant to this article a district may create a revenue bond indebtedness for the acquisition and construction, or acquisition or construction of any improvements or property or facilities contained within its powers. (2787)

6937. The issuance of said bonds shall be authorized by ordinance adopted by five-sevenths of all the members of the board, to take effect upon its publication. (2788)

6938. The secretary shall publish said ordinance once in a newspaper of general circulation printed in said district, and if there is none, then in such newspaper published in one of the counties in which said district is located. (2789)

6939. Said ordinance shall specify the total amount, denomination, method of maturity, and the rate or maximum rate of interest of said bonds, and in general terms, the acquisitions and improvements to be constructed thereby; and, in addition, shall contain such other and further provisions as in the judgment of the board are deemed advisable. (2790)

6939.1. The proceeds of said bonds shall be placed in an account in the treasury of the district to be entitled ________ Port District Revenue Construction Fund No. ________ and used exclusively for the objects and purposes mentioned in the ordinance. (2791)

6939.3. Proceedings for the issuance of said bonds shall be had, the board shall have such powers and duties, and the bondholders shall have such rights and remedies, all in substantial accordance with and with like legal effect as provided in Sections 54344 to 54346, inclusive, 54347, 54348, 54350, 54351, 54352, and in Articles 4 (commencing at Section 54400) to 11 (commencing at Section 54660), inclusive, of Chapter 6, Part 1, Division 2, Title 5 of the Government Code. As used therein the word "resolution" shall mean ordinance, the word "local agency" shall mean district, and the words "legislative body" shall mean board. (2792)


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