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California Laws | Harbors and Navigation Code

4086. The board may at any time require from the commissioners a report of the progress of any work and of the condition of the harbor being improved, developed or protected, and such other information as the board may deem necessary. (2087)

Article 4. Funds (4100-4105) (2088)(Text)

4100. All bonds sold for any purpose contemplated by this chapter shall be sold for not less than their par value and accrued interest. The proceeds shall be deposited in the treasury of the county and placed to the credit of a special fund designated, ____ harbor fund, created by order of the commission for that purpose, and the proceeds of the sale of the bonds shall be used solely and exclusively for the purpose for which they were issued. (2089)

The commission may receive donations and place them to the credit of the fund. These shall be used only for the purpose for which they were donated. Money shall not be paid out of the fund except upon warrant of the county auditor, issued upon the written order of the commission, and duly allowed and approved by the board. (2090)

4101. Prior to the voting of bonds, the board may in all work under this chapter, incur, permit to accrue, audit, approve and pay any demand, debt or obligation against the county in a sum not to exceed five thousand dollars in the aggregate. (2091)

4102. Upon a showing of necessity by the commission, the board may, by a four-fifths vote, permit the expenditure of an additional five thousand dollars. More than one thousand dollars shall not be appropriated at any one time. (2092)

4103. All money shall be paid out of the general fund of the county until there is money in the harbor fund sufficient to reimburse the general fund of the county, when it shall be reimbursed, and thereafter all sums shall be paid out of the harbor fund. (2093)

4104. The board, on recommendation of the commission, may use any and all moneys in the harbor fund in conjunction with the State or Federal Government, in any harbor improvement, development or protection undertaken by the State or Federal Government, or it may place all or any moneys in such fund at the disposal of the State or Federal Government for use in the improvement, development or protection of the harbor. (2094)

4105. The commission shall, once in each six months, make out and verify under oath, and file with the board, a detailed statement of its proceedings, showing: (2095)

(a) The amount of money in the harbor fund at the time of the last report. (2096)

(b) The amounts of all donations since received and the purpose for which the donations were made. (2097)

(c) The amount since expended, and the purpose for which it was expended. (2098)

(d) The balance remaining on hand in the fund. (2099)

Article 5. Control of Harbor (4120-4122) (2100)(Text)

4120. Whenever the improvement, development or protection of any such harbor, bay, inlet or other arm of the sea is completed and the commission created under this chapter ceases to exist, then the management and control of the harbor in so far as it has been improved, developed or protected under this chapter passes to, and vests in the board of supervisors of the county. The future cost and expense of the maintenance of the harbor is a charge upon the county. (2101)

4121. The board of supervisors in which the control and management of any harbor, bay, inlet or other arm of the sea is vested, as provided in this chapter, may appoint, define the duties of, and pay, all officers, agents and employees, necessary for the complete control of the harbor, and it may make and enforce all necessary and proper regulations for that purpose. (2102)

4122. The board of supervisors of any county in which the control and management of any harbor, bay, inlet or other arm of the sea has vested, as provided for in this chapter, may establish and collect all anchorage, wharfage, dock and warehouse fees, which shall be paid in to a proper fund for the maintenance of the harbor and for its further development, maintenance and protection. (2103)

Article 6. County Harbor Improvement (4130-4140) (2104)(Text)

4130. "Harbor," as used in this article, includes any bay, inlet, or other arm of the sea in which the tides of the Pacific Ocean ebb and flow, except such as are excluded from the application of this chapter by the provisions of Section 4049 of this code. (2105)

4131. Any county may improve, develop, protect, and maintain one or more or all of the harbors within its boundaries, upon the conditions, in accordance with the procedure, and in the manner provided in this article and in the Public Contract Code. (2106)

4132. Upon receiving a petition signed by persons who are both freeholders and electors in the county, equal in number to at least 15 per cent of the vote cast for the office of Governor at the last preceding election at which a Governor was elected, proposing that the matter of the improvement, development, protection and maintenance of one or more such harbors, naming them, be submitted to the electors of the county, the board of supervisors may appoint a harbor commission for the county in accordance with the provisions of Article 1 of this chapter, which provisions are incorporated herein to the extent that they are not inconsistent herewith. (2107)

4133. With all diligence, the harbor commission shall proceed with surveys of the harbor or harbors intended to be improved, developed, or protected, the preparation of plans therefor and estimates of cost thereof, and shall report to the board of supervisors thereon, with its recommendations concerning the necessity, advantage, and benefit to be derived by the improvement, development, or protection of such harbor or harbors; all as provided in Article 2 of this chapter, which provisions are incorporated herein to the extent that they are not inconsistent herewith. (2108)

4134. Upon receiving the report and recommendations of the Harbor Commission, the board of supervisors shall consider and determine the feasibility of the project or projects submitted, may call upon the commission for further surveys and reports and shall determine (1) what harbor or harbors, and by what specific project or projects, or parts thereof, it will be in the interest of the county to improve, develop, or protect, (2) for which thereof, if any, moneys should be provided by the issuance of bonds of the county and the amount of bonds required to be issued and sold therefor, and (3) for which thereof, if any, moneys should be raised by the levy of a special tax at a specified rate over a specified number of years not exceeding 20 years. (2109)

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