California Laws - Military and Veterans Code

Article 2. Educational Assistance (981-981.8) (1433)(1-click HTML)

981. There is in the state government an educational institution known as the California Veterans' Educational Institute, which is under the management and control of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The purpose of the institute is to provide opportunities for veterans to continue their education. (1434)

981.1. Any veteran who desires to continue his education may apply for admission to the institute and if, in the opinion of the department, the educational needs and desires of the veteran can be satisfactorily met, the department shall assume state wardship and supervision over the education of such veteran. The department may provide for such education in educational institutions in this State, or in other states, or in other countries, when necessary or desirable for postgraduate or professional college courses. The department may provide educational counsel for students and assist them in securing admission to suitable institutions of learning in either public or private school field. The department may assist any eligible veteran who may apply for a short intensive postgraduate or training or refresher course in any professional field where the purposes of such course are to prepare the veteran for a state examination which he must pass as a prerequisite to practice his profession in the State of Calfornia or where said course or courses will acquaint the veteran in professional techniques developed in private practice during the time that he was in the service. (1435)

981.15. "Suitable institutions of learning," as used in this article, includes postgraduate schools of colleges, universities, or other institutions of learning, but does not include educational institutions whose enrollment of students receiving federal or state veteran subsidy exceeds 85 percent of their total enrollment. (1436)

981.2. The department, insofar as the funds permit, may provide an allowance of one hundred dollars ($100) for each month the student is in satisfactory and actual full-time attendance at an educational institution, and pursuing a course of study leading to a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree, or to a recognized degree, license, certificate, or diploma. (1437)

For purposes of this section the term "full-time attendance" shall be defined in the same manner as it is defined by the educational institution attended by the student. For purposes of this section, "educational institution" shall be defined as any school or college of the collegiate level accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, including a community college, and shall include a vocational school or any other school approved by the State Department of Education for the purpose of receipt by a student of educational benefits afforded by the Veterans Administration. (1438)

The department may provide for such educational benefits for full-time students pursuing a course of study leading to a recognized postgraduate or professional degree, license, certificate, or diploma in educational institutions in other states or in other countries when such course of study is otherwise unavailable to the student. (1439)

981.3. The amount expended on account of any one veteran under the provisions of this article shall not exceed one thousand two hundred dollars ($1,200). Eligibility for benefits conferred under this article shall not be granted if either the student has not exhausted his rights to eductional benefits afforded by the Veterans Administration, or four years have elapsed from termination of educational benefits afforded by the Veterans Administration. (1440)

981.4. The department shall consider the application of veterans for admission to the institute in the order in which they are received. If the funds available are insufficient to meet the obligations which would arise from the guardianship of all worthy applicants, the department shall assume wardship over such veterans as are most urgently in need of further education. (1441)

981.5. The department may co-operate and confer with authorized agencies of the United States in carrying out the provisions of this article. (1442)

981.6. No veteran who is receiving federal educational benefits shall be eligible to receive the educational benefits provided by this article during such time that he is receiving federal educational benefits. (1443)

981.7. Nothing in this article shall be construed as repealing the provisions of Chapter 579, Statutes of 1921, appropriating money for educational assistance to veterans. (1444)

981.8. (a) The Office of the Adjutant General is requested to annually make both of the following available to each member of the California National Guard, the State Military Reserve, and the Naval Militia who does not have a baccalaureate degree: (1445)

(1) A copy of the enrollment fee waiver application of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges. (1446)

(2) A copy of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). (1447)

(b) The Office of the Adjutant General is requested to provide assistance as necessary to help the members complete the forms made available to them under subdivision (a). (1448)

(c) This section shall remain in effect only until January 1, 2012, and as of that date is repealed, unless a later enacted statute that is enacted before January 1, 2012, deletes or extends that date. (1449)


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