California Laws - Military and Veterans Code

CHAPTER 4. VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL (1300-1307) (2690)(1-click HTML)

1300. There is in state government the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission composed of nine members, as follows: (2691)

(a) Two members appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly, at least one of whom shall be a Member of the Assembly. The nonlegislative member shall be a Vietnam veteran. (2692)

(b) Two members appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules, at least one of whom shall be a Member of the Senate. The nonlegislative member shall be a Vietnam veteran. (2693)

(c) Five members appointed by the Governor, one of whom shall be a member of the Governor's staff or a Governor's appointee in the executive branch of state government and at least four of whom shall be Vietnam veterans. (2694)

The members shall elect one of their number to serve as chairperson. (2695)

1301. At least six members of the commission shall be Vietnam veterans. (2696)

Members of the Legislature shall serve on the commission as ex officio members without vote and shall participate in the activities of the commission to the extent that the participation is not incompatible with their legislative duties. (2697)

Members of the commission shall receive no compensation but, except for the legislative members, shall receive a per diem and expenses while engaged in commission activities. (2698)

1302. The commission may request staff support and facilities for its activities from the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the department may provide that support. (2699)

The commission is responsible for setting policy. It is the duty of the staff hired by the commission to carry out that policy. (2700)

1303. (a) The construction of a memorial to California's Vietnam veterans on the grounds of the State Capitol is hereby authorized. For purposes of this chapter, the grounds of the State Capitol are that property in the City of Sacramento bounded by Ninth, Fifteenth, "L", and "N" Streets. The actual site for the memorial shall be selected by the commission after consultation with the Department of General Services. (2701)

(b) Funds for the construction of the memorial shall be provided through private contributions. The commission may receive contributions for this purpose. (2702)

1304. With respect to the design and construction of the memorial, the commission may do all of the following: (2703)

(a) Establish a schedule for the design, construction, and dedication of the memorial. (2704)

(b) Implement procedures to solicit designs for the memorial and devise a selection process for the choice of the design. (2705)

(c) Select individuals or organizations to provide fundraising services and to construct the memorial. (2706)

(d) Review and monitor the design and construction of the memorial and establish a program for the dedication of the memorial. (2707)

(e) Report to the Legislature through the Assembly Select Committee on Veterans' Affairs biannually on the progress of the memorial. (2708)

1305. The design of the memorial shall be as politically neutral as possible with respect to the nature of the Vietnam conflict. (2709)

1306. (a) The sum of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) is hereby appropriated from the General Fund to the commission as a loan for purposes of this chapter. The commission shall reimburse the amount of this appropriation, plus interest at the same rate of interest as that earned by moneys invested in the Pooled Money Investment Account during the term of the loan, from the first contributions received by the commission under this chapter. (2710)

(b) The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Account in the General Fund is hereby established. All funds received by the commission under this chapter shall be deposited in the account. The money in the account is hereby appropriated to the commission for purposes of this chapter without regard to fiscal years. (2711)

1307. The commission shall notify the Governor when construction of the memorial has been completed. This chapter shall remain in effect only until, and shall be repealed on, January 1 of the second year following that notification. (2712)


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