California Laws - Military and Veterans Code


1830. In enacting this chapter, the Legislature recognizes all of the following: (2891)

(a) California citizens have fought for their nation in many wars. (2892)

(b) Hundreds of Californians who served in those wars were captured by the enemy or are missing in action. (2893)

(c) Two hundred forty-three Californians who served in the Vietnam War remain unaccounted for. (2894)

(d) Nine hundred family members of Vietnam era POW/MIAs reside in California. (2895)

(e) The uncertain fate of the 2,400 American citizens still held as POWs or listed as missing in action causes their families acute hardship and pain. (2896)

1831. (a) So that the people of California will not forget the sacrifices of those members of the United States Armed Forces who, after the termination of hostilities, remain prisoners of war or are missing in action, as well as the sacrifices of missing United States nonmilitary personnel and civilians, the Governor shall annually proclaim the third Friday of September to be known as Prisoner-of-War/Missing-in-Action (POW/MIA) Recognition Day. (2897)

(b) The flag of the National League of POW/MIA Families (POW/MIA Flag) is a black and white banner symbolizing those members of the United States Armed Forces who are listed as POW or MIA. The flag serves as a powerful reminder to people everywhere of our country's firm resolve to achieve the fullest possible accounting for every member of the United States Armed Forces, and United States nonmilitary personnel and civilians. The flag shall be flown during business hours, at all state-owned buildings or facilities where the United States Flag and the California State Flag fly, if the flag can be attached to existing flagpoles or other existing structures on which the United States Flag or California Flag fly. The state may accept donations of POW/MIA Flags and related materials. (2898)

(c) The flag shall be flown at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial located on the grounds of the State Capitol whenever the United States Flag is flown at that location. (2899)


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