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California Laws | Military and Veterans Code

1173. By petition filed with the county clerk, registered electors residing within the boundaries of a proposed district, equal in number to at least eight per cent of the number of votes cast in the proposed district for the office of Governor at the last general election at which a Governor was elected, may propose the formation of a district. If both incorporated and unincorporated territory are included within the proposed district, the petition shall be signed by registered electors equal in number in each territory to at least eight per cent of the votes so cast therein for Governor. (2549)

1174. The petition shall be addressed to the board of supervisors of the county within which the proposed district is situated, shall be signed by the number of qualified registered voters specified in section 1173, and shall propose and set forth: (2550)

(a) The formation of a district under this chapter. (2551)

(b) The calling by the board of supervisors of a special election to vote upon the question whether the proposed district shall be formed and to elect the first board of directors of the district. (2552)

(c) The name of the proposed district, as "____ memorial district." (2553)

(d) An accurate description of the boundaries of the proposed district specifying what portion of the territory is incorporated territory and what portion unincorporated territory. (2554)

1175. The petition may be filed in sections, each of which shall fully comply with all of the requirements for a petition, except that each section need not contain the total number of signatures required for a petition. (2555)

1176. Within 30 days after the filing of the petition the county elections official shall find and certify whether the petition is signed by the requisite number of qualified registered voters of the proposed district and of the incorporated and unincorporated portions thereof and shall present the petition with the certificate of his or her findings attached thereto to the board of supervisors at its first regular meeting held 10 days from the date of certification of the petition. The board shall fix a time and place for the hearing of the petition not less than 20 days nor more than 40 days after the date of the meeting, and shall direct the clerk of the board to publish a notice once a week for three successive weeks in a newspaper circulated in the territory that it is proposed to organize into a district, and that the board deems most likely to give notice to the inhabitants of the territory. (2556)

1177. If the petition and certificate is presented to the board of supervisors at a regular meeting the board at that meeting shall ascertain whether the petition in all respects complies with the requirements therefor, except that the certificate shall be conclusive evidence of the sufficiency of the signatures to the petition. (2557)

1177.5. The notice required in Section 1176 shall state the fact that the board has fixed the time and place, which shall be stated in the notice, for a hearing on the matter of the formation of a memorial district. The notice shall describe the territory or shall specify the exterior boundaries of the territory proposed to be organized into a district. (2558)

1177.6. At any time prior to the time fixed for a hearing of the matter, any person interested may file with the clerk of the board written objections to the formation of the district. At the time and place fixed for the hearing or at any time to which the hearing may be continued, the board of supervisors shall consider and pass on all objections to the creation of a district, or to the inclusion of any territory in the district. At the hearing, the board of supervisors may exclude any territory that in the opinion of the board would not be benefited by inclusion in the district. (2559)

1178. At the conclusion of the hearing, the board of supervisors shall either adopt an order abandoning the creation of the proposed district or shall by resolution call a special election to vote upon the question of formation of the proposed district and to elect the members of the first board of directors thereof. (2560)

1178.5. Sample ballots shall be printed and mailed, together with a synopsis of the provisions of Chapter 1 (commencing at Section 1170) of Division 6, to each registered voter in the proposed district. (2561)

1179. The special election shall be held upon a date not later than the 130th day after the meeting of the board at which the petition was presented. At the special election, the proposition submitted shall be "Shall the proposed ____ memorial district be formed " There shall be elected at the same election a board of directors consisting of five members. (2562)

1180. The special election shall be called, noticed, held, and conducted, election officers appointed, voting precincts designated, candidates nominated, ballots printed, polls opened and closed, ballots counted and returned, returns canvassed, results declared, certificates of election issued, oaths of office administered, and all other proceedings incidental to and connected with the election shall be regulated and done, in accordance with the provisions of law regulating elections conducted pursuant to the Uniform District Election Law (Part 4 (commencing with Section 10500) of Division 10 of the Elections Code). (2563)

1180.1. Within five days after the district formation election has been called, the legislative body which has called the election shall transmit, by registered mail, a written notification of the election call to the executive officer of the local agency formation commission of the county or principal county in which the territory or major portion of the territory of the proposed district is located. Such written notice shall include the name and a description of the proposed district, and may be in the form of a certified copy of the resolution adopted by the legislative body calling the district formation election. (2564)

The executive officer, within five days after being notified that a district formation election has been called, shall submit to the commission, for its approval or modification, an impartial analysis of the proposed district formation. (2565)

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