California Laws - Revenue and Taxation Code


4511. Any county may, upon the recommendation of the tax collector, and by resolution of the board of supervisors of that county adopted during the fiscal year for which it is to first apply, sell tax certificates. If the board orders the discontinuance of the procedures authorized by this part, all of the following shall occur: (5734)

(a) All of the provisions of this part, other than Section 4521, shall remain in full force and effect until all tax certificates have been canceled. (5735)

(b) The county shall maintain the Tax Certificate Redemption Fund until all tax certificates have been canceled. (5736)

(c) After all tax certificates have been canceled, all funds on deposit in the Tax Certificate Redemption Fund shall be paid to the tax collector to be applied and distributed in the same manner as amounts received from the collection of taxes and assessments and any costs, fees, penalties, or other amounts related thereto. (5737)

4512. In each county that elects to sell tax certificates, there shall be created a Tax Certificate Redemption Fund. Moneys in the Tax Certificate Redemption Fund shall be used exclusively for the purposes described in Section 4527. (5738)

4513. Nothing in this part shall reduce, change, affect, or otherwise alter the rights of any property owner or taxpayer that exist in the absence of this part. Under no circumstances shall the property owner or taxpayer be required to pay more than would have been owed if the sale of a tax certificate had not occurred. (5739)


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