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California Laws | Revenue and Taxation Code

5364. The board shall establish standards and fix guides or, after a public hearing, shall review and approve commercially available guides, to be used by the county assessor in the assessment of aircraft at market value. (6301)

5365. Upon request of the assessor of the county in which an aircraft is habitually based, the owner shall file with the assessor a statement setting forth information about the aircraft that is necessary to ascertain the full value of the aircraft, including, but not limited to, the serial number, the make, model, year of manufacture of the aircraft, and engine and maintenance information, including the total hours logged on the aircraft following the last major overhaul of the engine of the aircraft. (6302)

5366. Owners, as well as operators, of private and public airports shall, within 15 days following the lien date of each year, provide the assessor of the county in which the airport is situated with a statement containing a list of names and addresses of the owners, and the make, model, and aircraft registration number, of all aircraft which were using the airport as a base. The assessors of each county shall, not later than July 1, 1970, and not later than the first day of July of each year thereafter, provide the California Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics with a statement containing a list of names, addresses of owners, make, model, aircraft registration number, and assessed value of all aircraft which were using airports in the county as a base. (6303)

5367. If any person who is requested to file a statement pursuant to Section 5365 fails to file such statement by the time specified by the assessor, a penalty of 10 percent of the market value of the unreported aircraft shall be added to the value of the aircraft of such person which is placed on the current roll. (6304)

If the assessee establishes to the satisfaction of the county board of equalization or the assessment appeals board that the failure to file the statement was due to reasonable cause and not due to willful neglect, it may order the penalty abated; provided, that the assessee has filed with the county board written application for abatement of the penalty within the time prescribed by law for the filing of applications for assessment reductions. (6305)

If the penalty is abated, it shall be canceled or refunded in the same manner as an amount of tax erroneously charged or collected. (6306)

5368. Owners, as well as operators, of private and public airports shall provide, upon the request of the assessor of the county in which the airport is situated, a statement containing the make, model, aircraft registration number, and arrival and departure information of all aircraft utilizing the airport facilities. (6307)

CHAPTER 4. LEVY (5391-5392) (6308)(Text)

5391. For the 1980-81 fiscal year and each fiscal year thereafter, aircraft subject to this part shall be taxed at the same rate and in the same manner as all other personal property. Aircraft which are considered business inventories, within the meaning of Section 129 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, shall be included in the inventory exemption. (6309)

5392. The tax on aircraft subject to this part shall be collected in the same manner as all other personal property. (6310)

CHAPTER 6. DISTRIBUTION (5451-5456) (6311)(Text)

5451. The revenue derived from any tax levied pursuant to this part shall be distributed as prescribed in this chapter. (6312)

5452. If the aircraft are habitually based in a city and any school districts, the proceeds shall be distributed one-third to the city, one-third to the school districts, and one-third to the county. (6313)

5453. If the aircraft are habitually based outside of a city, but in any school districts, the proceeds shall be distributed one-half to the school districts and one-half to the county. (6314)

5454. If the aircraft are habitually based in an elementary school district and a high school district, the proceeds allotted to school districts shall be divided equally between the elementary school district and the high school district. (6315)

5455. It is the purpose of this chapter to divide the proceeds allotted to school districts equally between districts supporting elementary schools and districts supporting high schools, excluding all other educational districts. (6316)

5456. The details of the method of distribution shall be supplied by the county auditor and shall fairly carry out the purpose of this chapter. (6317)



5701. The Legislature finds that subjecting racehorses to the general property tax has resulted in a serious lack of uniformity as between one county and another respecting the method used in arriving at an assessed value; that this has resulted in serious inequities between the owners of racehorses depending in part on the county wherein they are assessed; that a continuation of current assessment practices will result in a substantial decrease in the breeding, boarding, and training of racehorses for racing competition in California and that current assessment practices have caused racehorse owners to remove their horses from California to other major breeding states with the result that over a period of time if these assessment practices are continued, both the breeding and racing of racehorses in California will suffer in that the quality and quantity of racehorses will be reduced and impaired; that a severe loss of employment and taxes to breeding and racing will result, attendance at race meetings will decrease, and betting will be reduced with consequent substantial loss of revenue to California. It is the intent of the Legislature, in enacting this part, to establish a more equitable method of taxing racehorses and thereby provide incentives to owners of these horses to maintain their horses within the state by providing for a uniform system of in-lieu taxation for the racehorses subject to the provisions of this part. The Legislature further finds that, because Arabian horses begin racing and breeding at least one year later than other breeds, Arabian horses should be treated equitably by allowing that breed four years before they are required to begin racing or be engaged in breeding activities. (6320)

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