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Connecticut Laws | Title 13b Transportation
Sec. 13b-344. (Formerly Sec. 16-160). Signs at grade crossings. Notification of locations of railroad crossings. Local police or firemen to direct traffic at crossings with malfunctioning gates or signals.

(b) Each town, city or borough, upon receipt of a report of a malfunctioning grade crossing gate or signal shall dispatch local police or firemen to the crossing who shall, upon consultation with the railroad company crossing such highway, either direct traffic across the crossing or to an alternate route until such time as the railroad company crossing such highway repairs the gate or signal or assumes responsibility for directing traffic. (1310)

Sec. 13b-344a. Person not to cross tracks when warned by signal, gates, flagmen or law enforcement officer of approach of railroad locomotive. (1311)(Text)

No person shall cross railroad tracks at a designated railroad grade crossing when warned by an automatic signal, crossing gates, flagman or law enforcement officer of the approach of a railroad locomotive, railroad car or train or when otherwise warned of the approach of such a locomotive, car or train. Violation of this section shall be an infraction. (1312)

Sec. 13b-345. (Formerly Sec. 16-161). Duty of Commissioner of Transportation re grade crossings. Traffic control measures. Installation of signs. Logs listing crossing malfunctions. Inspections and repair of malfunctioning gates. (1313)(Text)

(a) The Commissioner of Transportation shall investigate conditions surrounding all railroad crossings with public highways at grade and determine at which of such crossings public safety reasonably requires that any person traveling upon the highway shall come to a stop or proceed with caution before passing over the tracks at such crossing. The commissioner may require the railroad company at each of such crossings so determined to erect and maintain on the highway and within the limits of its right-of-way a "stop", "caution" or other sign of a type approved by the commissioner, and may require the company at any grade crossing to erect and maintain stop, caution, warning or other signs of a type approved by the commissioner, but where the tracks cross at grade on state highways, the State Traffic Commission shall prescribe the nature of traffic control devices and traffic control measures to be installed at such grade crossings. When traffic control measures are to be installed on state highways, they shall be furnished and installed by the Commissioner of Transportation. (1314)

(b) The commissioner shall require each railroad company operating trains at or above twenty-five miles per hour, at all of its crossings at grade with gates or signals, to erect and maintain, within the limits of its right-of-way, a sign advising the public to call the 911 emergency telecommunications number upon the malfunctioning of any grade crossing gates or signals. Such sign shall be of a type approved by the commissioner or the State Traffic Commission. (1315)

(c) The commissioner shall require each railroad company to maintain logs, subject to the inspection of the department, listing all reports of the malfunctioning of its grade crossing gates or signals. Each log shall contain information concerning all investigations and actions taken by the company to repair the malfunctioning gates or signals. Each company shall report to the municipality all actions taken to repair any malfunctioning gates or signals within the municipality. (1316)

(d) Each railroad company, upon receiving a report of the malfunctioning of one of its crossing gates or signals, shall immediately investigate such report and repair any malfunction. Such inspection shall not be completed from a moving train. (1317)

Sec. 13b-345a. Towns authorized to petition the department to install a mandatory stop on any municipal or state highway approaching a crossing at grade. (1318)(Text)

Any town, city or borough may petition the Department of Transportation to provide a mandatory stop on any municipal or state highway approaching a crossing at grade. Upon receipt of any such petition, the department shall fix a time and place of hearing, within a reasonable time, and shall provide notice of such hearing to the public through publication of notice in a newspaper having general circulation in the town, city or borough where such crossing is located. Within sixty days of the hearing the department shall render a written decision on the petition. (1319)

Sec. 13b-345b. Regulations to ensure safe maintenance, inspection and testing of signal systems and devices at railroad crossings. (1320)(Text)

Section 13b-345b is repealed, effective July 1, 1998. (1321)

Sec. 13b-346. (Formerly Sec. 16-162). Penalty. (1322)(Text)

Any person who, without right, removes, throws down, damages or defaces any sign described in sections 13b-344 and 13b-345, or who, without right, extinguishes or damages any light illuminating any such sign, shall be fined not more than ten dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days or both. (1323)

Sec. 13b-347. (Formerly Sec. 16-163). Warnings at grade crossings. (1324)(Text)

Section 13b-347 is repealed, effective October 1, 2002. (1325)

Sec. 13b-348. (Formerly Sec. 16-164). Speed of trains in cities and boroughs. (1326)(Text)

The power to regulate the speed of railroad trains within the limits of cities and boroughs shall be vested exclusively in the Commissioner of Transportation. (1327)

Sec. 13b-349. (Formerly Sec. 16-165). Cars at rear of locomotive. (1328)(Text)

No railroad company shall operate any regularly scheduled train for the transportation of passengers which is propelled by a locomotive attached to the cars in any other manner than at the rear of such locomotive, unless authorized by the Commissioner of Transportation after hearing and under such limitations as the commissioner may prescribe. The provisions of this section shall not apply to locomotives while trains are being made up in yards, or while switching, or in emergencies which interrupt the regular schedule of trains. Any railroad company which operates any train in violation of the provisions of this section shall forfeit fifty dollars to the state. (1329)

Sec. 13b-350. (Formerly Sec. 16-166). Standard time. (1330)(Text)

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