Sec. 14-27a. Number plates for vanpool vehicle. Minimum insurance requirements. (466)

Each vanpool vehicle shall carry number plates to be furnished by the commissioner which number plates shall indicate that such vehicle is licensed for vanpool service. The commissioner shall not register any motor vehicle for vanpool service until the owner has submitted evidence satisfactory to the commissioner that such vehicle is covered by a policy of insurance or bond which shall indemnify the insured against any legal liability for personal injury, the death of any person or property damage, which injury, death or damage may result from or have been caused by the use or operation of the vanpool vehicle described in the contract of insurance or such bond. The amount of such insurance or indemnity bond which each motor vehicle in vanpool service shall carry as insurance or indemnity against claims for property damage and personal injury or death shall be not less than three hundred fifty thousand dollars. Any person or company issuing any such insurance or indemnity bond shall file a certificate with the commissioner in such form as he prescribes. No such insurance or bond shall be subject to nonrenewal or cancellation while the registration is in force unless the commissioner has been given at least twenty days' written notice prior to the effective date of nonrenewal or cancellation. If within such twenty-day period the commissioner is not presented with satisfactory evidence that other insurance or another indemnity bond has been obtained, the registration shall be revoked. Liability under such insurance policy or bond shall continue beyond such twenty-day notification period until such time as the registration for such vanpool vehicle has been surrendered and its plates have been returned to the commissioner, but in no case shall such liability continue for more than ten days after such notification period has expired. (467)