Connecticut Laws - Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use Of The Highway By Vehicles. Gasoline
Sec. 14-3. Powers and duties of commissioner.

Sec. 14-3. Powers and duties of commissioner. (112)(1-click HTML)

The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles shall enforce the provisions of the statutes concerning motor vehicles and the operators of such vehicles. He shall administer, coordinate and control the operations of the department and shall be responsible for the overall supervision and direction of all facilities and activities of the department. He shall have the authority to contract for such services, programs and facilities other than the purchase or lease of real property as may be necessary to carry out his responsibilities under and for the orderly administration of this chapter and chapters 247 to 255, inclusive. He may retain and employ consultants and assistants on a contract or other basis for rendering professional, fiscal, engineering, technical or other assistance and advice. He shall submit to the Governor an annual report of his official acts, as provided in section 4-60. Said commissioner shall keep a record of proceedings and orders pertaining to the matters under his jurisdiction and of all licenses and certificates granted, refused, suspended or revoked by him and of all reports sent to his office. The commissioner shall furnish without charge, for official use only, certified copies of certificates and licenses and documents relating thereto to officials of the state or any municipality therein, to officials of any other state or to any court in this state. Any certified copy of any document or record of the commissioner, attested as a true copy by the commissioner, any deputy commissioner or chief of a division, shall be competent evidence in any court of this state of the facts therein contained. (113)


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