Connecticut Laws - Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use Of The Highway By Vehicles. Gasoline
Sec. 14-96c. Tail lamps. Illumination of rear registration plate.

Sec. 14-96c. Tail lamps. Illumination of rear registration plate. (1202)(1-click HTML)

(a) After October 1, 1967, every motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer and pole trailer, and any other vehicle which is being drawn at the end of a combination of vehicles, shall be equipped with at least two tail lamps mounted on the rear, which, when lighted as required in subsection (a) of section 14-96a, shall emit a red light plainly visible from a distance of one thousand feet to the rear, except that passenger cars manufactured or assembled prior to October 1, 1957, and motorcycles shall have at least one such tail lamp. On a combination of vehicles, only the tail lamps on the rearmost vehicle need actually be seen from the distance specified. On vehicles equipped with more than one tail lamp, the lamps shall be mounted on the same level and as widely spaced laterally as practicable. (1203)

(b) Every tail lamp upon every vehicle shall be located at a mounted height of not more than seventy-two inches nor less than fifteen inches. (1204)

(c) The rear registration plate shall be so illumined with a white light as to render it clearly legible from a distance of fifty feet to the rear. Any tail lamp or tail lamps, together with any separate lamp or lamps for illuminating the rear registration plate, shall be so wired as to be lighted whenever the head lamps or auxiliary driving lamps are lighted, except that any vehicle equipped by the manufacturer with daytime running lamps which meet federal requirements may have such daytime running lamps illuminated without illumination of the tail lamps or rear registration plate. (1205)

(d) Failure to have tail lamps or failure to illuminate the rear registration plate as required in this section shall be an infraction. (1206)


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