Connecticut Laws - Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use Of The Highway By Vehicles. Gasoline
Sec. 14-331. Penalty. Revocation or suspension of license. Bond. Appeal. Rights of franchisor.

Sec. 14-331. Penalty. Revocation or suspension of license. Bond. Appeal. Rights of franchisor. (2926)(1-click HTML)

Any person, except a distributor, who violates any provision of this chapter or who makes any false statement to the commissioner, or to the local authority described in section 14-321, shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars and, for any subsequent offense, shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than six months or both, and his license may, at the discretion of the commissioner, be suspended or revoked. The commissioner may, after notice and hearing, suspend or revoke the license of any person he finds has violated any provision of any statute or regulation of this state or the federal government concerning his business as a licensee. If the commissioner makes such a finding, he shall require the licensee, as a condition to continued licensure or the reinstatement of a suspended or revoked license, to furnish a bond satisfactory to the commissioner in the amount of one thousand dollars, conditioned upon compliance with all laws concerning the business of the licensee and the regulations of the commissioner. This bond may be forfeited for any further violations. The Commissioner of Consumer Protection shall, upon notice from the Commissioner of Revenue Services of the name and address of any retail dealer licensed under this chapter who has failed to file any tax return required by the Commissioner of Revenue Services or to pay any tax due the state or to perform any act or duty imposed by the general statutes relating to gasoline or motor fuel, special fuel or motor bus taxes, suspend such retail dealer's license until such time as written notice from the Commissioner of Revenue Services has been received authorizing reinstatement. Any such person whose license has been suspended or revoked may appeal therefrom in accordance with the provisions of section 4-183, except venue for such appeal shall be in the judicial district of New Britain. Such appeals shall be preferred cases, to be heard, unless cause appears to the contrary, at the first session of the court. If the court, upon such appeal, determines that the license should not have been suspended or revoked, it may direct the commissioner to reissue the license, and, upon such appeal, costs may be taxed at the discretion of the court. Nothing in this chapter shall in any way affect, reduce or diminish the right of any franchisor to remain in business at any location for the sole reason that the franchisee has been subject to disciplinary action of any type pursuant to this chapter. (2927)


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