Connecticut Laws - Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use Of The Highway By Vehicles. Gasoline
Sec. 14-44h. Expiration and renewal of commercial drivers' licenses. Notice.

Sec. 14-44h. Expiration and renewal of commercial drivers' licenses. Notice. (707)(1-click HTML)

(a) Each commercial driver's license shall be renewed quadrennially on the date of the operator's birthday. On and after September 1, 2005, each applicant shall, at the time of the first renewal such commercial driver's license, provide the names of all states in which the applicant ever has been issued a motor vehicle operator's license. If the applicant has held a license in another state at any time during the preceding ten years, the commissioner shall request the driving history record or records from the state or states in which the applicant has been licensed. If the commissioner receives a request for a driving history record from another state regarding the holder of a commercial driver's license, the commissioner shall provide such record within thirty days, as required by the provisions of 49 CFR 384.206, as amended. (708)

(b) A commercial driver's license shall expire within a period not exceeding four years following the date of the operator's next birthday. The fee for such original license shall be computed at the rate of fifteen dollars per year or any part thereof. (709)

(c) The commissioner shall, at least fifteen days before the date on which each commercial driver's license expires, notify the operator of the expiration date. Any previously licensed operator who operates a commercial motor vehicle within sixty days after the expiration date of such operator license without obtaining a renewal of such license shall be deemed to have failed to renew a motor vehicle operator's license and shall be fined in accordance with the amount designated for the infraction of failure to renew a motor vehicle operator's license. Any operator so charged shall not be prosecuted under section 14-36 for the same act constituting a violation under this section but said section 14-36 shall apply after the sixty-day period. (710)

(d) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 1-3a, if the expiration date of any commercial driver's license falls on any day when offices of the commissioner are closed for business or are open for less than a full business day, the license shall be deemed valid until midnight of the next day on which offices of the commissioner are open for a full day of business. (711)


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