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Connecticut Laws | Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use Of The Highway By Vehicles. Gasoline
Sec. 14-138. State police to assist.

Sec. 14-138. State police to assist. (1610)(Text)

The commissioner may call upon the Division of State Police within the Department of Public Safety for aid in enforcing the provisions of this chapter or chapter 248. The state police shall, upon such request, make arrests in all cases of violations of the provisions of this chapter or chapter 248 which they witness or upon speedy information thereof. (1611)

Sec. 14-139. Conviction to be endorsed on license. (1612)(Text)

Section 14-139 is repealed. (1613)

Sec. 14-140. *(See end of section for amended version of subsection (e) and effective date.) Release on own recognizance. Report of failure to appear or to pay fine or fee, surcharge or cost. Reciprocal agreements. Opening of judgment. (1614)(Text)

(a) Any person who has been arrested by an officer for a violation of any provision of any statute relating to motor vehicles may be released, upon his own recognizance, by such officer in his discretion, unless such violation is of a provision relating to driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs or using a motor vehicle without permission of the owner or evading responsibility for personal injury or property damage or involves the death or serious injury of another, in which cases such person shall not be released on his own recognizance. (1615)

(b) If any person so arrested or summoned wilfully fails to appear for any scheduled court appearance at the time and place assigned, or if any person charged with an infraction involving the use of a motor vehicle, or with a motor vehicle violation specified in section 51-164n, fails to pay the fine and any additional fee imposed or send in his plea of not guilty by the answer date or wilfully fails to appear for any scheduled court appearance which may be required, or if any person fails to pay any surcharge imposed under section 13b-70, any fee imposed under section 51-56a or any cost imposed under section 54-143 or 54-143a, a report of such failure shall be sent to the commissioner by the court having jurisdiction. The provisions of this section shall be extended to any nonresident owner or operator of a motor vehicle residing in any state, the proper authorities of which agree with the commissioner to revoke, until personal appearance to answer the charge against him, his motor vehicle registration certificate or operator's license, upon his failure to appear for any scheduled court appearance. Any infractions or violations, for which a report of failure to appear has been sent to the commissioner under this subsection, that have not otherwise been disposed of shall be dismissed by operation of law seven years after such report was sent. (1616)

(c) The commissioner may enter into reciprocal agreements with the proper authorities of other states, which agreements may include provisions for the suspension or revocation of licenses and registrations of residents and nonresidents who fail to appear for trial at the time and place assigned. (1617)

(d) Any judgment under this section shall be opened upon the payment to the clerk of the Superior Court of a fee of forty dollars. Such filing fee may be waived by the court. (1618)

*(e) In addition, the provisions of subsection (b) of this section shall apply to sections 29-322, 29-332, 29-339, 29-349 and 29-351. (1619)

Sec. 14-140a. Automobile club bail bond certificates, when acceptable as bail. (1620)(Text)

Any guaranteed bail bond certificate with respect to which a surety company licensed to do business in this state has become surety, shall when posted by the person whose signature appears thereon, be accepted in lieu of cash bail or other bond in an amount not to exceed five hundred dollars to guarantee the appearance of such person in any court in this state at such time as may be required by such court, when the person is arrested for any motor vehicle violation or violation of any motor vehicle ordinance of any municipality; provided any such guaranteed bail bond certificate so posted as a bail bond in any court shall be subject to the forfeiture and enforcement provisions of section 54-66. (1621)

Sec. 14-141. Courts to report convictions and other dispositions to commissioner. (1622)(Text)

A record shall be kept by each court of original jurisdiction of any violation of the laws relating to the registration, equipment and operation of motor vehicles, the licensing of operators or the establishment, maintenance or conduct of a pump or station for the sale of any product to be used in the propelling of motor vehicles using combustion type engines, or to the sale of such product, and of any violation of the provisions of sections 53a-55 to 53a-57, inclusive, when such violation has been caused by the use of a motor vehicle, of any violation of sections 53a-70 to 53a-80, inclusive, or of a violation of the provisions of any other criminal statute in which the use of a motor vehicle is a principal part, of all cases in which any person arrested for such violation forfeits his bail or has his case nolled or judgment or execution suspended, and of all cases in which the court ordered a psychiatric examination under section 53-22; and a summary of such record, with a statement of the number of the operator's license and the registration number of the motor vehicle operated, shall, within five days after such conviction, forfeiture or any other disposition or nolle, be transmitted to the commissioner by such court. Each court shall furnish to the commissioner the details of all such cases heard before it and shall make such recommendations as to the suspension or revocation of the licenses of the parties defendant as it deems advisable. (1623)

Sec. 14-142. Proceedings against negligent court clerk. (1624)(Text)

(a) Any clerk of any court who fails to deliver to the commissioner any abstract of any cause within his court, on application of the commissioner to the superior court for the judicial district wherein such clerk resides, or to any judge of the Superior Court when the same is not then sitting in such judicial district, showing such failure, may be required by such court or such judge to deliver the same within such time as is designated by such court or judge. On receipt of such application, the court or judge shall designate a time and place of hearing thereon and shall cite such clerk to appear at such time and place to show cause why he has failed to deliver such abstract to the commissioner. (1625)

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