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Connecticut Laws | Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use Of The Highway By Vehicles. Gasoline
Secs. 14-12o and 14-12p.

Secs. 14-12o and 14-12p. (230)(Text)

Reserved for future use. (231)

Sec. 14-12q. Vehicle identification card. (232)(Text)

The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles may issue to each registered owner of a motor vehicle an identification card which contains electronically encrypted information concerning the vehicle description and identification number and registration and title history of such motor vehicle. Each such vehicle identification card issued shall be carried in the motor vehicle. When any motor vehicle is sold or transferred, the seller or transferor shall deliver possession of the vehicle identification card to the buyer or transferee. If any vehicle identification card is lost, stolen or destroyed, the commissioner shall, upon request and application made by the registered owner, issue a replacement identification card. The commissioner may charge a fee to cover the cost of issuance and replacement of such identification card. (233)

Sec. 14-12r. Inspection of vehicle identification number. (234)(Text)

Before issuing registration for any motor vehicle that has not been previously registered in this state, except a new motor vehicle, the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles may require an inspection of the manufacturer's vehicle identification number. Such an inspection may be performed at any designated official emissions inspection station or by any other business or firm authorized by the commissioner to perform safety inspections in accordance with sections 14-12 and 14-16a or by any motor vehicle dealer or repairer, licensed in accordance with section 14-52 and meeting qualifications established by the commissioner. If the inspection is performed by a licensed dealer or repairer, and is not performed in connection with an official emissions inspection, such dealer or repairer may charge a fee to the owner in an amount not to exceed twenty dollars, provided an affidavit relating to such inspection is furnished to the commissioner in accordance with the provisions of subsection (d) of section 14-99h. (235)

Sec. 14-12s. Administrative fees. (236)(Text)

For the registration of each motor vehicle that has passed an inspection in accordance with the requirements of subsection (g) of section 14-12 or section 14-16a or that has passed an inspection of its manufacturer's vehicle identification number, the commissioner shall charge an administrative fee of ten dollars, in addition to the fee or fees prescribed for such registration. (237)

Sec. 14-12t. Regulations. (238)(Text)

The commissioner may adopt regulations in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54 to implement the provisions of subsection (g) of section 13b-59, subsection (g) of section 14-12, sections 14-12r, 14-12s and 14-16a and subsection (a) of section 14-41. The regulations shall include the qualifications to be met by any dealer or repairer authorized by the commissioner to conduct inspections in accordance with subsection (g) of section 14-12 and sections 14-12r and 14-16a. (239)

Sec. 14-13. Registration certificate and insurance identification card to be carried in vehicle. (240)(Text)

(a) The certificate of registration and any automobile insurance identification card for the vehicle issued pursuant to section 38a-364 shall be carried in the motor vehicle at all times when it is being operated on a public highway, except as otherwise provided by statute. If a vehicle is registered in the name of a lessor licensed under section 14-15, a legible photostatic copy of the certificate of registration or a rental or lease contract which shall include the vehicle identification number of such vehicle registered in this state may be carried in lieu of the original certificate, provided the original certificate shall be available at all times for inspection at the lessor's usual place of business in the state if the motor vehicle is registered in this state. If a vehicle is registered as a school bus as defined in section 14-275, such copy may be carried in lieu of the original certificate, provided such certificate shall be available at all times for inspection at the school bus owner's usual place of business in the state. (241)

(b) Any person who violates any provision of this section shall be deemed to have committed an infraction and be fined fifty dollars. (242)

Sec. 14-14. Registration of motor vehicles owned by minors. Proof of financial responsibility. (243)(Text)

The commissioner shall not register any motor vehicle owned by any person under sixteen years of age and shall not register any motor vehicle owned by any person between sixteen and eighteen years of age unless such person files proof of financial responsibility in accordance with the provisions of section 14-112, together with a certificate signed by the spouse, being eighteen years of age, of a married minor applicant, or by either or both of the parents, as the commissioner may require, or the legal guardian of such person, approving or requesting the registration of such vehicle, except that no proof of financial responsibility shall be required for the registration of a private passenger motor vehicle, as defined in subsection (e) of section 38a-363, owned by any such person. (244)

Sec. 14-15. Leasing or renting of motor vehicles. Issuance of temporary transfers. (245)(Text)

(a) Any person, firm or corporation before engaging in the business of leasing or renting motor vehicles without drivers in this state and any person, firm or corporation which is the lessor of or rents any vehicle required to be registered under the provisions of section 14-15a shall make a sworn application to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for a license to engage in such leasing or renting. Each such application and each application for renewal shall be accompanied by a fee of three hundred dollars. Each such license shall be renewed biennially according to renewal schedules established by the commissioner so as to effect staggered renewal of all such licenses. If the adoption of a staggered system results in the expiration of any license more or less than one year from its issuance, the commissioner may charge a prorated amount for such license fee. Not less than forty-five days prior to the date of expiration of each such license, the commissioner shall mail to each licensee an application for renewal. An application for renewal filed with the commissioner after the date of expiration shall be accompanied by a late fee of one hundred dollars provided the commissioner shall not renew any license under this subsection that has expired for more than forty-five days. No such license shall be transferred. Such licensee shall furnish proof of financial responsibility satisfactory to the commissioner, as provided by section 14-112 or 14-129, provided such licensee may furnish such proof separately with respect to each vehicle or each group of vehicles leased to any single lessee. Each application for such license shall contain the name and address of the owner and shall be accompanied by a surety bond as required pursuant to section 14-52. Each application for registration of a motor vehicle to be leased for a period of more than thirty days shall contain the name and address of the owner and the lessee of such vehicle. The owner of such vehicle shall disclose the name and address of any subsequent lessee of such vehicle to the commissioner in such manner as the commissioner may require. The commissioner shall ensure that such information relative to the lessee is available to the Connecticut on-line law enforcement communications teleprocessing system. Each person, firm or corporation licensed under the provisions of this subsection shall keep such books, records and accounts as the commissioner may require provided each licensee shall retain a copy of each rental or lease contract for a period of three years, which shall be subject to inspection by the commissioner or the commissioner's designee at all reasonable times. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to any person, firm or corporation which, incidental to the conduct of its principal business, leases or rents any motor vehicle without a driver to other persons, firms or corporations whose principal business is the same as that of the lessor. Violation of any provision of this subsection shall be an infraction. (246)

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