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Connecticut Laws | Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use Of The Highway By Vehicles. Gasoline
Sec. 14-289j. Restrictions on the use and sale, lease or rental of mini-motorcycles.

(f) No person may offer a mini-motorcycle for sale, lease or rent unless such mini-motorcycle has a warning label that gives warning information about the safe and legal use of a mini-motorcycle and about the limitations on use and the possible consequences of use in violation of such limitations, set forth in subsections (b) to (e), inclusive, of this section. Such person, on sale, lease or rent of a mini-motorcycle, shall give a written clear and conspicuous statement, separate from the warning label, to the purchaser, lessee or renter of such mini-motorcycle containing such warning information. Advertisements for mini-motorcycles and oral communications of a person offering a mini-motorcycle for sale, lease or rent shall not contain information inconsistent with any information required in this section. Until regulations required in subsection (g) of this section are adopted, persons offering a mini-motorcycle for sale, lease or rent shall display such warning information, advertise and make oral communications in a manner consistent with the provisions of this section. The provisions of this subsection do not apply to any person selling fewer than five used mini-motorcycles in one calendar year, provided any person claiming inapplicability of the provisions of this subsection shall have the burden of proving such inapplicability. (2660)

(g) On or before January 1, 2007, the Department of Motor Vehicles shall adopt regulations, in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54, that set forth the warning information required in this section and manner of display of such warning information, establish reasonable transportation and storage fees and otherwise implement the provisions of this section. (2661)

(h) Nothing in this section shall prohibit a municipality from adopting more restrictive limitations on the use and sale, lease or rent of mini-motorcycles. (2662)

(i) Violation of any provision of this section shall be an infraction. (2663)

Sec. 14-290. Exemptions from motor vehicle laws. (2664)(Text)

(a) Motor vehicles in the custody and use of officers in the performance of their duties shall be exempt from any traffic regulations of any town, city or borough, and from the provisions of this chapter and of chapter 246, so far as such exemption is necessary for the effective enforcement of any of the provisions of the statutes. (2665)

(b) The following provisions of the general statutes shall not apply to operators of maintenance vehicles or equipment of any governmental agency or agent thereof or to vehicles or equipment of any governmental agency or agent thereof, so far as such exemption is necessary, while such operators and equipment are engaged in or are preparing to engage in or are departing from highway maintenance operations on any highway, road or street, provided the Department of Transportation shall not by reason of such exemption suffer any loss of revenue granted from any agency or department of the federal government for the federal Interstate Highway System or any other highway system: Sections 14-216, 14-230 to 14-233, inclusive, 14-235 to 14-242, inclusive, 14-244 to 14-247, inclusive, 14-250a to 14-252, inclusive, 14-261, 14-262, 14-264 to 14-271, inclusive, 14-299, 14-301 to 14-308, inclusive. (2666)

(c) Any wrecker, as defined in section 14-1 and operated in accordance with section 14-66, shall be exempt from the provisions of section 14-267a, provided such wrecker is towing or hauling a motor vehicle that was involved in an accident or became disabled and remains within the limits of a highway, or is being towed or hauled by order of a traffic or law enforcement authority and does not exceed a gross vehicle weight of eighty thousand pounds on five or more axles. Any wrecker towing or hauling such a motor vehicle in a combination that exceeds a gross vehicle weight of eighty thousand pounds on five or more axles shall be exempt from the provisions of section 14-267a, provided such wrecker is operated in accordance with section 14-270 and has been issued an annual permit as described in subsection (d) of section 14-270. (2667)

(d) A vehicle or vehicle combination used exclusively by the state or a municipality, or any authorized agent or contractor of the state or municipality, for the removal of leaves and similar, organic materials from any highway, road or street, shall be exempt from the provisions of sections 14-261, 14-261a and 14-262, provided such vehicle or vehicle combination is being operated by a person who is the holder of a commercial driver's license bearing a "T" endorsement. (2668)

Sec. 14-291. Traffic regulations for special occasions. (2669)(Text)

The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, or the Commissioner of Public Safety, their deputies or any inspector or police officer authorized by said commissioners, may make and provide for the enforcement of traffic regulations for such time or times as unusually heavy traffic conditions may be anticipated upon any highway, provided such traffic regulations shall not apply to or be enforced in the streets of any incorporated city regularly employing a police force of more than fifteen men. (2670)

Sec. 14-292. Marking of vehicle operated by student driver. (2671)(Text)

When any motor vehicle is in use on any highway of this state for the purpose of instructing any person in the operation of a motor vehicle, for compensation or as a part of any school program, the person giving such instruction shall cause to be displayed in a conspicuous place on the front and rear thereof a distinctive marker, not less than twelve inches long nor six inches high, in such form as the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles prescribes, and bearing the inscription "Student Driver". Failure to display the distinctive markers required by this section shall be an infraction. (2672)

Sec. 14-293. Vehicles and persons driving or leading animals to display lights. (2673)(Text)

Section 14-293 is repealed. (2674)

Sec. 14-293a. Riding animals on highways. (2675)(Text)

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