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Connecticut Laws | Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use Of The Highway By Vehicles. Gasoline
Sec. 14-322. Hearing and finding of suitability.

Sec. 14-322. Hearing and finding of suitability. (2872)(Text)

Section 14-322 is repealed, effective October 1, 2003. (2873)

Sec. 14-323. Commissioner to decide if requested by local authorities. (2874)(Text)

Section 14-323 is repealed. (2875)

Sec. 14-324. Appeal. (2876)(Text)

Any person aggrieved by the performance of any act provided for in sections 14-319 to 14-321, inclusive, by the local authority may take an appeal therefrom to the superior court for the judicial district within which such town or city is situated, or in accordance with the provisions of section 4-183, except venue for such appeal shall be in the judicial district of New Britain if the act was performed by the commissioner. (2877)

Sec. 14-325. Curb pumps. (2878)(Text)

No license shall be issued to sell gasoline or other fuels by means of any curb pump, or of any pipe or hose extending over or under any sidewalk, except the renewal of the license of such curb pump, pipe or hose, if the same was licensed for the sale of gasoline or other fuels on June 1, 1935, and has been continuously licensed for such purpose at such location since that date; and except that any such license may be transferred or devised by a holder thereof to his child or spouse. (2879)

Sec. 14-325a. Air compressors. (2880)(Text)

Any person licensed under section 14-319 to dispense motor fuel for sale to the public for any motor vehicle, as defined in section 14-1, shall provide for free public use an air compressor for the purpose of tire inflation during the hours such premises are open for business. Each such licensee shall post a sign in a conspicuous location upon the premises and in such form as the commissioner may require, informing the public of the availability of an air compressor for free public use during the hours such premises are open. Such compressor shall be capable of producing at least eighty pounds per square inch pressure at the outlet. (2881)

Sec. 14-325b. Refueling privileges for handicapped persons. (2882)(Text)

Each retail dealer as defined in section 14-318 which offers self-service and full-service facilities for the sale of gasoline or motor fuel shall provide, at a self-service pump, upon request, refueling service to a handicapped driver of a vehicle which bears a special international symbol of access license plate issued pursuant to section 14-253a, at a price no greater than that which such dealer would charge the public to purchase gasoline or fuel without any refueling service. The provisions of this section shall not apply to dealers which sell gasoline or fuel, which (1) have remotely controlled pumps, or (2) are operated by a single cashier. (2883)

Sec. 14-326. Gasoline sold for aircraft or other engines to be of United States standard. (2884)(Text)

No person shall sell, offer for sale, deliver or have in possession for the purpose of sale, any article or product represented as gasoline for use in internal combustion engines used in aircraft that is not equal to or better in quality and specifications than that known as "United States Aviation Gasoline, Domestic Grade", or for use in such engines other than those used in aircraft that is not equal to or better in quality and specifications than that known as "United States Government Motor Gasoline". (2885)

Sec. 14-327. Testing of quality of gasoline or diesel fuel. (2886)(Text)

All tests to determine the quality of gasoline or diesel fuel shall be made in accordance with the most recent revision of either Standard D439, Specification for Automotive Gasoline, or Standard D975, Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils, of Part 23 of the American Society for Testing and Materials. (2887)

Sec. 14-327a. Motor fuel quality testing: Definitions. (2888)(Text)

As used in sections 14-327a to 14-327e, inclusive: (2889)

(1) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Consumer Protection. (2890)

(2) The "American Society for Testing and Materials" means the scientific and technical organization established for the development of standards of characteristics and performance of materials, products, systems and services and the promotion of related knowledge. (2891)

(3) "Distributor" means any person who imports or causes to be imported into this state motor fuel for sale or use in this state or any person who produces, refines, blends, manufactures or compounds motor fuels within this state for sale or use in this state and includes any affiliate of either such person who purchases motor fuel for sale, consignment or distribution to another or receives motor fuel on consignment for consignment or distribution to his own motor fuel accounts or to accounts of his supplier, but does not include any person who is an employee of, or merely transports motor fuel for, such supplier. (2892)

(4) "Retailer" means any person engaged in the business of selling motor fuel to the general public for ultimate consumption. (2893)

(5) "Motor fuel" means (A) all products commonly or commercially known or sold as gasoline, including casinghead and absorption or natural gasoline, regardless of their classification or uses, (B) any liquid prepared, advertised, offered for sale or sold for use, or commonly and commercially used, as a fuel in internal combustion engines, including any liquid commonly referred to as "gasohol" which is prepared, advertised, offered for sale or sold for use, or commonly and commercially used, as a fuel in internal combustion engines, but excluding aviation fuel and liquefied petroleum gases. (2894)

(6) "Person" means a natural person, company, partnership, foreign or domestic corporation, limited liability company, trust, unincorporated organization, association and any other legal entity. (2895)

Sec. 14-327b. Annual registration of distributors. Application for certificate of registration. Required information. Fee. (2896)(Text)

(a) No distributor shall sell or offer to sell motor fuel in this state unless such distributor has first registered with the Department of Consumer Protection each type of motor fuel which he intends to sell and has received from the department a certificate of registration for each type of motor fuel which he intends to sell. (2897)

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